Inkitt Publishing…

To ANYONE thinking about going through Inkitt, if you value YOUR work, YOUR rights,YOUR profits, DON’T do this. This is not a legitimate publishing house, they publish on Amazon, which costs NOTHING. You can do it yourself. If you need help with editing/proofreading/formatting/covers there is a place called Fiverr that has people who do this (at a greatly discounted cost). You will be signing away the rights to your work for NOTHING. They have NO clear marketing strategy, other than sending out vouchers to readers to purchase the book on Amazon. This is also HOW a book gets to a best seller list, because people have to purchase it within a certain amount of time. The vouchers are usually a dollar, which means they actually get 75 cents of that back and YOU get a quarter. You will have NO say in what happens to your work, AND they also hold the rights to any subsequent work you may try to publish in the future. If you still think it’s a good deal, print out their contract and have an attorney look it over…they will not like what they see, and tell you to run from anything like this. There are actual legitimate places that you can publish for low costs or none. Createspace costs you nothing. There is also a place that holds contests that ARE legitimate and they have cash prizes. Try this site, you’ll have a better chance of winning, and retain all rights to YOUR work. It’s cash prizes so if you do win, you can use that to go through a legitimate self-publishing company.

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