What is it going to take?

When I was growing up (even now) people asked what kind of super power I would want. I always thought invisibility because, hey! I’m pretty much invisible now, and at least I could use it for good. I’ve changed my mind. If I could have a super power it would be the ability to make someone who is thinking of hurting someone FEEL their victim’s pain. It would be for them to feel the fear, the rage, the sorrow, at being targeted by another “human” being. They would see their own face, feel the hopelessness, the physical pain that is done. They would take that last breath and know that everything they dreamed of is GONE. That everyone who loved them will be forever changed and embittered by their act of hate and violence. Then it would spread… they would have to feel everything that the families and friends feel. They would look down at this beautiful person whose life was cut short by their hate, and feel the complete and utter sorrow of a parent, laying their child to rest. The unrealized dreams of a spouse wondering how they will go on without that other part of them. The friends thinking, “if only I had been there maybe I could have saved them”. The police who put their lives on the line to serve and protect, knowing that, in this instance, they failed. It wasn’t their fault, but every one of them is heartsick at the tragedies that just keep coming.

What is it going to take for our “lawmakers” to DO something! How many people must die before we realize that guns are BAD because BAD people have easy access to them? It will be never because, truth be told, the “lawmakers” make far more money, get far more power, from groups like the NRA, than they do from “we, the people”.

Our people are dying, and ultimately, WE are to blame. We hear about a tragedy and sit by, complain, make tweets, postings, whatever, but we don’t DO anything. We comment and use hashtags… #PrayforChristinaGrimmie, #PrayforOrlando… but we don’t DO anything! We assume because people see it, we’ve done our part. We haven’t… not by a long-shot.

We have groups who plan for a zombie apocalypse because of some inane fear that monsters will come and take over the earth. I’ve got news for you…the monsters are already here, and we do NOTHING to stop them.

I am SO fecking sick of hearing how white lives matter, black lives matter, Muslim lives matter, Catholic lives matter, agnostic lives matter, gay lives matter, straight lives matter…they ALL FUCKING MATTER! DON’T YOU GET THAT? CAN YOU SEE THAT NOW?

How many more people have to DIE because we DON’T get it?