Haunting Memories (Chapter 3)

After the boys were finished with their meals they headed back home.

“So what are we going to do now? Ohhh how about we go to the pool?” Carlos suggested happily.

Logan and James glared at him while Kendall didn’t even paid attention and went straight for the big orange couch.

“Oh. Sorry.” Carlos whispered guilty when he noticed his mistake.

They went to Kendall and sat down beside him.

Logan on his right side, James on his left and Carlos sat in front of them on the floor.

“You still don’t want to talk?” James asked quietly and as careful as possible, knowing exactly how easy you could get Kendall to build walls around him and refuse to show his emotions.

“What is there to talk about?” Kendall asked looking at his feet.

“Kendall, since it happened you never wanted to talk to anyone about it. You know that it’s not good to keep too much inside. We just want you to be okay,…” Logan begun.

“I AM okay!” Kendall yelled, suddenly angry again.

His friends backed off, surprised by his sudden outburst.

Kendall noticed how his friend reacted and calmed himself.

“Sorry guys. I didn’t want to yell at you.” he said looking back at his feet again.

“You have nothing to be sorry about.” Logan told him and patted his shoulder.

“Maybe you should have gone with your mom and Katie. It could have helped to distract you.” Carlos told him.

“But I don’t want to be distracted! That would mean I’m trying to forget about him and I won’t do that. Ever!” Kendall got louder again, feeling the tears starting to form and tried to fought the urge to let them fall.

That didn’t happen at his fathers funeral, not together with his mom and sister when they cried and never since then, so why should he cry now?!

“We didn’t mean it like that buddy. We just meant that it could have been good for you to make yourself forget about that day, not him…” Logan started, feeling uncomfortable.

The blond didn’t answer he still looked at his feed, trying desperately to keep the tears inside.

“Kendall. We just want to help… .” Carlos said, also feeling tears starting to form when he saw how much all of this hurt his youngest friend.

“I’m not the one who need help. My dad was the one who needed help but it came too late… .” Kendall said, voice cracking.

“You know, we don’t even know how it happened. We just know that it did happen…” James told him.

Now the blond looked up at them.

“Has nobody told you?” he asked them unbelieving.

They shook their heads.

“Everyone said if you want to tell us then it would be alright, but otherwise we shouldn’t ask or something like that…” Logan said.

“Oh.” Kendall replied.

Now he’s the one who feels bad. He knew that they all loved his dad too. They were all like a huge family.

When Kendall was in his room with them they never asked about the accident so the thought they just didn’t want to make him talk about it.

He didn’t knew that they had no clue how his dad died in the car crash.

Kendall thought for a moment while biting his nails until it hurts.

“Do you want to know what happened?” he asked quietly.

They all new that this was a big step for Kendall, now they have to be careful.

“You don’t have to talk about it if you don’t want us to know.” Logan said.

“It is your decision. We’re not pushing you to do something.” James continued.

Carlos just nodded, agreeing with his friends.

“It okay guys, I know that you loved him too. It’s not fair that you never got told something.”

Kendall thought back to what happened that day, a memory he usually refused to think about. He knew it would hurt to talk about it, but it would help him to do it. Also it would be only fair to tell the boys.

Kendall started explaining what really happened before his dad died:

Kendall’s Flashback (2):

Kendall groaned when he woke up, feeling something warm trickle down his leg and a horrible pain everywhere.

He could smell smoke and blood but urged himself to open his eyes.

He blinked several times before he was able to open them completely.

He looked around where he was but couldn’t make out something.

He started to feel panic raise in his chest and tried to calm himself, knowing it would make everything worse if he panicked.

‘What happened?’ he thought, still trying to make out where he was.

And the he noticed it.

He was in his dads car. But something was wrong.

It was flipped over and he laid across the roof in the inside. Obviously his seat belt has ripped cut and he landed here.

He made a move to sit up but a sudden pain in his leg stopped him dead in tracks.

“Ahh!’ he cried out, overwhelmed by this new pain.

He carefully looked down at himself, ignoring the strong and painful throbbing in his head and saw that his leg was not only broken, his flesh was torn and you could see the bone clearly even when it’s so dark.

His leg was twisted and laid uncomfortable.

There was so much blood. He had broken bones before, thanks to hockey, but it never hurt like that.

But still there was way too much blood to be alone from his leg.

He looked to his left, where was his dad? How was he?

He tried to see something through the dark but after a while he was sure his dad wasn’t in his seat anymore.

Kendall felt tears tickle the back of his eye and made little moves to get out of the car.

He needed to get to his father.

Not knowing in what condition his dad was made Kendall’ stomach queasy.

“Dad?” he rasped out. Shocked when he heard his own voice so hoarse and weak.

The blond cleared his throat and tried it again a little louder.


No answer.

Kendall crawled through his window, not caring if he could hurt himself even more because of the shattered glass.

He fell out of the window and hit the floor hard.

“AAHHHRG!” he screamed out. He was in an unbearable pain, but he ignored it.

He has to find his father.

“Where are you dad?” he sobbed quietly.

“Kenny?” he heard his dad’ voice and almost jumped from joy.

“Dad?!” he called back, trying to make out where he was.

“I’m hear..” he heard him again.

The little blond followed the sound of his voice until he was on the front side of the turned car.

What he saw there almost made him throw up.

There his dad lay. His flesh ripped open with blood running down and covering almost his whole body.

Ken’ face was covered in deep, painful looking cuts and was whiter that the snow.

But the worst part was the huge piece of metal which stung out of his stomach where he had his hands around it.

When the older man saw his little son crawl over the floor, hurt and bleeding it broke his heart which hurts worse than his body itself.

He fought himself to smile at Kendall.

That was it for Kendall, he turned his head to the side and threw up heavily.

The heaves hurt his body to no end, he felt his ribs crack more with every new heave.

“Kendall. Come here please.” his father called for him, wanting nothing more than comforting his little boy and because he couldn’t move he needed to call him.

The blond, panting heavily moved over the few meters to his dad.

When he arrived his body hurt even more, which he thought wasn’t even possible but was proved wrong.

Ken opened an arm as best as he could and Kendall crawled in it, burying his face in his side and started sobbing.

“No, c’mon big man. There is no need to cry. Everything will be fine.” he tried to calm the terrified boy even if he knew he was not telling the truth.

Kendall just started sobbing harder. He wasn’t stupid, he knew that what his father said were lies. But he wanted to believe it so badly.

“Shh. You’re okay. You’re okay.” he stroked Kendall’ sweet and blood covered hair.

Finally the young blond was able to stop sobbing but the tears continued running down his eyes constantly.

“Daddy…”he looked up at him, green eyes meeting green eyes.

It shattered Kens heart when he heard his son call him in such a frighten voice.

“I know buddy. Don’t worry okay?” he said, not sure how to response.

“How could I not worry dad. I-I want to help you.” he pleaded.

Kens eyes started watering.

He didn’t want to tell his 10-year-old son that there was nothing he could do to

stop what’s going to happen.

“Actually there is something important you can do for me.” he told him.

“Really?” Kendall asked, a little bit hope starting to grow.

“Yes. You can promise me something… .” he continued.

Kendall’ face fell again, tears getting bigger.

“Can you promise me something?” he asked when his son didn’t response.

The blond nodded slowly.

Ken looked him deep in the eyes and tighten his hold on Kendall which was still so weak.

“Kendall. I need you to take care of mommy and your little sister when… when I can’t do that anymore.” he started.

“But-but daddy, why won’t you be able to do that anymore?” Kendall asked unusual naïve.

“Oh Kenny, why are you making it so hard for me?” he asked sadly and quiet so Kendall couldn’t really hear.

“Sometimes” he started and took a deep breathe, noticing how hard it was to breath. “people have to leave, even if they don’t want to.” he sadly.

Kendall nodded. He knew what dead was, but he just thought only old and sick people would die. This was new for him.

“And I’m not sure if I can be here long enough to take care of your mom, you and your sister.” he said.

“I don’t understand this, where will you go when you won’t stay here?” he asked.

“I will go to a wonderful place where I’ll wait for you until you join me.” he smiled no longer able to hold back the tears when he saw Kendall’ face.

Kendall knew exactly what his dad was talking about but he didn’t want to believe it.

“I don’t want you to go dad! Please stay with me. Don’t leave me alone.” Kendall pleaded holding tight at his father.

“I’m so sorry, I can’t help it Kendall. I don’t want to leave either.” he said and laid his head on Kendall’, carefully so he won’t hurt his injured son.

“Kendall, we need to call help. Can you please take my phone out of my left pocket and call 911?” he asked him.

Kendall did as he was told and made a quick call but not without crying. He thought he has never cried this much and this long in his life.

They promised him help would come as soon as possible and they should hang on.

They hugged each other again, enjoying the warmth.

They cried together for about an hour or two, none of them saying anything.

Ken could feel that he got weaker by the second. He needed to stay awake, he doesn’t want to imagine what it would be like for Kendall if he died with him in his arms.

But he felt so tired, why wasn’t help already there?

Ken decided to do something. He won’t let it happen that he fade away while holding his son awake so he could see everything.

“Come on buddy. Maybe we should sleep a bit.” he said, trying to smile.

Kendall looked at him.

“You’ll be there when I wake up, right?” he asked quietly.

“I’ll always be with you Kendall. Even if you can’t see me I’ll never leave you, your mom or Katie. I love you.” he said.

Kendall started crying softly again.

That wasn’t the answer he wanted, but he knew that his dad couldn’t give him the answer he wants to hear.

“I love you too daddy.” he said and buried his face in his dad’s side again.

“Good night Kenny.”

“Sleep well dad.” he said.

With that they both fell asleep.

End of the flashback



… the boys in apartment 2J listened to every word the blond said. By now all of them were tearing up and tried not to let the tears fall.

“When I woke up there were paramedics around me. They asked me questions like ‘What’s your name?’, “Where does it hurt?’ and things like that.

I didn’t know what was happening. I just knew that everything hurts

I tried to crawl more into my father, getting away from too much attention but I noticed how cold and stiff he suddenly was…

I looked at him and- and saw that he was dead.” Kendall told them. He talked as if he was in trance. Totally lost in this horrible memory.

“I remember that I started screaming. Screaming at my dad to wake up, screaming at the paramedics to leave…I just…screamed.

They dragged me away from him and put his body in this huge corpse bag.

I wasn’t allowed to stay with him. Then all I remember is that I fell asleep in the ambulance and woke up in the hospital with all of you around me.” Kendall finished his story with a sign and returned to reality.

Logan, James and Carlos just sat there, not knowing what to say after they heard what their friend had to go through in such a young age.

Before any of them could say something the door to the apartment opened and Mrs. Knight and Katie entered.

“Hello boys, how ar- what happened?” she started but when she noticed the looks on each boys’ face got worried.

None of them answered.

“Boys? Oh god, what happened?” she asked dropping her stuff and got to the four teens.

Katie stayed uncomfortable in the doorway.

“Nothing happened mom. I just told them about dad.” Kendall said, not wanting his mother to worry without any reason.

“Oh.” she said and sat down beside her son when James went over and made space for her between them.

“How was your trip?” he asked, wanting to change the topic.

“It was…okay I guess.” she answered him honestly. She didn’t want to lie to her son, knowing he would notice.

Kendall nodded and looked to the floor.

The mood in the room was heavy.

“I told them about the accident.” he told his mother quietly.

Mrs. Knight looked from her son to James, to Logan, to Carlos and back to Kendall.

“Really?” she asked him a little surprised.

He nodded.

“I didn’t know that nobody ever told them how he died.” he told her.

“Because none really did Kendall. You refused to open up, that’s why we got you a therapist. He told us that if you feel ready to talk that you would and we shouldn’t make you.” she admitted.

“Oh.” was all he said.

Then he wrapped his arms around his mother and took in her familiar odour .

“Thank you for everything. I know that it was so hard for you. I love you

mom.” he whispered in her ear, not wanting anyone else to hear the words which only were supposed for his mother.

She smiled. “I love you too honey.”

“So, who is hungry?” she asked everyone with a smile.

Everyone’s mood was better and after a while they all sat together eating.

A few hours later:

Kendall was fast asleep in his bed when he heard a knock on the door and quiet footsteps enter the room.

He cracked his eyes open and sat up a little to see his sister with eyes full of tears standing beside his bed.

“Katie?” he asked worried.

“Uhm…would you-would you mind if I sleep here for the night?” she asked him quietly and ashamed.

He smiled at her, knowing how she felt and made space for her on the mattress.

The other boys were all snoring softly and didn’t even notice that Katie was there.

She crawled under the sheets and wrapped her arms around Kendall’ waist while burying her face in his chest and relaxed by the steady beat of his heart.

“Kendall?” she asked again.

“Hmm?” he responded while stroking her hair.

“Could you sing that song you used to sing when I was younger?” she asked him, feeling stupid for acting so young but needed it at the moment.

“Of course.” he smiled and gave her a kiss on the forehead.

With that he started singing Be Still by the Fray.

He sang this song to her when they were younger every time before she went to bed.

It was the song Ken used to sing to Kendall when he was younger.

Be still and know that I’m with you
Be still and know that I am here
Be still and know that I’m with you
Be still, be still, and know

When darkness comes upon you
And covers you with fear and shame

Be still and know that I’m with you
And I will say your name

If terror falls upon your bed
And sleep no longer comes
Remember all the words I said
Be still, be still, and know

And when you go through the valley
And the shadow comes down from the hill
If morning never comes to be
Be still, be still, be still

If you forget the way to go
And lose where you came from
If no one is standing beside you
Be still and know I am

Be still and know that I’m with you
Be still and know I am

When Kendall sang the last word he gave the now asleep Katie one last kiss on the forehead and closed his eyes, ready let sleep overtake him.

Maybe he couldn’t get his father back, not for his mother, not for himself, not for Katie.

But he could make sure his sister and mother wouldn’t feel alone. He’d be always there for them.

And his father would watch them and make sure they are all okay. Just like he promised.

Life goes on and so do they.


Haunting Memories (Chapter 1)

LA is beautiful, the sun is shining, the wind is not too strong, not too mild and everything seemed fine.

Everyone at the Palm Wood seemed in a good mood, even Bitters.

Except for four teenage boys.

Kendall and his three best friends, James, Carlos and Logan, which are a world-famous band called Big Time Rush or short BTR which live also in the Palm Woods overslept big time, because they forgot that Mrs. Knight and Katie were out-of-town for the day and couldn’t wake them up like they always did.

Katie and her mother decided to go to San Diego for the they so they could have a bit time for themselves and distract.

“GUYS! Has any of you seen my helmet?” Carlos, the ‘funny one’ and oldest of the group yelled, desperately trying to find his helmet which he always wears.

“No! Where have you seen it last?” Logan, the ‘smart one’ and second oldest of

BTR yelled back at him.

“Don’t you think if I’d know that I wouldn’t be searching for it right now?” The little Latino gave him a due look.

Logan just rolled his eyes and continued to hurry, getting ready so they won’t be any later.

“James! Are you STILL in the bathroom?!” Logan yelled for his friend.

“Perfection needs time!” James, the ‘pretty one’ and second youngest yelled back through the closed bathroom door.

“Whatever. Just hurry up! I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to be yelled at anymore than necessary!” Logan told him.

“Hey Logan?” Carlos asked.

“Oh Carlos, for the last time: No, I don’t know where your helmet is! If you’d take more care of your things this wouldn’t have happened again!”

“That wasn’t what I meant.” he said.

Logan turned around, noticing something was different in his voice.

“Have you seen Kendall?” he asked worried.

“Not since we all woke up this morning and hurried to get ready and he stayed in bed. I hope for him that he isn’t in his bed anymore.” Logan said in a pretended dangerous voice.

Logan went to go to their shared room when Carlos stopped him.

“What?” Logan asked.

“You know what day it is, right?” Carlos asked him.

“Uhm, Friday, why does it matter?” he asked confused.

“No, I mean the date…you remember what happened a few years ago?” Carlos continued, hoping his younger friend would get what he was trying to say.

Logan thought for a moment and then it hit him. Hard.

“Oh god, I totally forgot!” He said, suddenly feeling very bad and guilty.

“But I guess he didn’t.” Carlos said sadly.

“But still, we have to go to the studio. I’ll go wake him up. Do you want to join me?” Logan asked.


The two friends made their way to their room to wake Kendall up. But when they entered they saw Kendall already showered, fully dressed and ready to leave sitting on the edge of his bed.

They stopped and stayed in the doorway to look at their youngest friend.

Kendall didn’t notice that Logan and Carlos had entered because he was too deep in his own thoughts.

He sat on his bed and looked at a picture he always has in his wallet.

A picture which reminds him on his best days and his worst day.

A picture he keeps with him everywhere he goes and made always sure it is still there.

“Hey man, you’re okay?” Carlos asked him quietly, bringing the blond back to reality.

“Oh, hey guys. I didn’t see you come in. Is everyone ready to leave?” he asked a little nervous, hating the fact that his best friends had caught him in such a weak and private moment.

“Almost, James is still in the bathroom, trying to look great.” Carlos said and rolled his eyes at the tallest of the band.

“Hey! What do you mean with TRY to look great?!” James barked when he entered their room too.

“I always look gr-” he begun but shut up when he saw whats going on in the room.

“Oh, is everything okay?” he asked, feeling bad he just cared for his look when his friends had much more important things going on and he didn’t knew.

“So, I guess we’re all ready to leave.” Kendall said and jumped off the bed, trying to get the attention off of him.

“Uh, yeah, but don’t you want to-” James tried to say but was cut of by Kendall.

“Come on guys. Do you want Gustavo to be even more angry at us than he already is?” Kendall tried his best to smile at them when he walked past his three best friends through the door.

“No. Let’s go.” Logan said, realising that it has no use to try to get Kendall to talk with them how he felt.





“Dogs!” Gustavo yelled in his normal loud voice.

“You’re late! Again!” He continued to scream at the four teenage boys which just entered his studio.

“Look Gustavo, today was pretty stressful and we’re sor-” James started before the big producer interrupted him rudely.

“Doesn’t matter! Now go, in the studio before we waste more time with talking.” Gustavo said.

The boys groaned and made their way to the studio.

One hour later:

“Okay, stop! STOP!” Gustavo yelled again and got hit in the arm from Kelly.

“What was that?!” he continued quieter.

“Uh…singing?” Carlos suggested.

“NO!” he yelled.

Kelly glared at him and he instantly calmed himself.

“THAT was not singing. You’re totally off-key. What is the problem?” he asked the band.

“Today is just not our day.” James told him.

Just now Gustavo noticed that it was always either James, Carlos or Logan which answered him.

His normally loudest dog, Kendall, who ALWAYS had to talk back was unusually quiet.

He changed a look with his young assistant which seems to notice that something was off about Kendall too.

She slightly shook her head and signalised him that he shouldn’t confront them and just let it by itself.

“Alright, how about you boys take a little break and eat and drink something and then we try it again.” he finally said.

“Thank you Gustavo” James said and they left the recording booth.

Kelly made sure they are out of sight before she turned to Gustavo.

“Do you have any clue what’s wrong?” she asked him a little worried.

“I don’t know. Maybe they really just have a bad day?” he suggested.

“Hmm” was all she replied, still thinking about what it could be which ….the leader of Big Time Rush.





“You okay dude?” Carlos asked his blond friend.

“Guys, for the last time. I’m fine.” Kendall said a little annoyed.

The whole day the boys are asking him how he feels, if he wanted to talk or if they could do anything for him and to be honest, Kendall was more that a little annoyed by now.

“When you say so. But you know you can always talk to us if you have the urge to, right?” Logan asked him.

Kendall just signed and looked at him. “Yes Logan, I know.” he said.

They sat on the white couch and ate and drunk while talking about random stuff until a few minutes later Kelly called them back in the studio.

After three more hours they were finally done and allowed to leave the studio.

“Okay, what are we doing today? If you’d ask me, I’d like to go eat something,

I’m hungry.” Carlos said in a good mood.

“Carlos, you’re ALWAYS hungry.” Logan said with a smirk.

“Hey, that’s not true!” the little Latino complained.

James just looked at him.

“Okay, I can eat often, but not always.” he admitted.

“Whatever.” James smiled.

“What are you in the mood for, Kendall?” Logan asked the youngest of the group.

“Hm?” Kendall looked up when he heard his name, not really paying attention to the conversation.

“What do you want to do?” Logan repeated himself.

“Oh, I don’t know. I’m fine with what you guys wan to do.” He shrugged.

“Oh C’mon, buddy. You have to be in the mood for something…” Carlos said unbelieving.

“Guys, really I’m not really in the mood for anything. I just want to get over with this day.” he told them.

That quieted the other three.

Kendall, noticing he just ruined the good mood felt bad and decided to just act like he is having fun.

“Alright, let’s go eat something before Carlos fells over” he smiled.

“Yey! Where are we going?” Carlos asked excited.

“Hm, how about Pizza?” Logan asked.

“No, I’d prefer Burgers.” James said.

“Then let’s go to Lucy’s Diner. They have Pizza AND Burgers.” Kendall told them.

“Ok, then what are we waiting for? I’m hungry!” Carlos said and was already on his way.

“Yo, Carlos. Wait for us dude!” James yelled after him and the others started running after him laughing about their friend.

Haunting Memories (Chapter 2)

Kendall’s Flashback:

‘Whatever tomorrow brings I’ll be there with open arms and open eyes yeah. Whatever tomorrow brings I’ll be there, I’ll be there,…’

The air in the car was filled with the sound by Drive by Incubus which came from the radio and by the voices from 10-year-old Kendall and his father Ken which joined the song and almost yelled the lyrics.

They sat in the car for almost one hour and were now on their way home.

Ken invited his son to a game from their favorite Hockey team, the Minnesota Wilds.

When the young boy heard where they were going he was more than happy.

He loved it when it was just him and his dad.

Of course, he loves Katie and his Mom, but it is still different if it is just him and his dad.

His dad and Hockey is the best combination, so how could he not be happy.

“Haha, did you enjoy the day big man?” Ken asked between laughter.

“Yeah, the day was amazing, thanks dad.” he smiled.

They drove for another 15 minutes and talked about the game and random stuff when it started getting darker and on top of that it started snowing pretty much.

“How long will it take us until we’re home?” Kendall asked in a calm voice, knowing his dad had to concentrate.

“Don’t worry, no more than 20 minutes.” he answered him, never looking away from the road.

Kendall could clearly hear that his dad was nervous, even if he tried to hide it.

So the young boy decided to stay quiet and let his dad fully concentrate on driving.

They drove for a little bit more than 5 minutes when the car started sliding uncontrolled.

“Dad…” Kendall called out for him worried and no longer able to keep his voice calm.

“Everything is find, buddy. Just sit still.” he told him through clenched teeth.

Kendall watched his dad with concern as he tried to get the car under control.

Finally it seems as if he has the car under control again.

“Puh, pretty stressful, huh?” he smiled at Kendall.

Kendall just smiled back, happy nothing happened.

And that was when something happened.

Through the strong snowfall Ken couldn’t see where the car was.

Obviously while trying to get the control over the car back it slide on the other side of the street, where now a Truck was coming their way.

Before Ken could react and bring himself and his son in safety the Truck hit the drives side.

Kendall heard his dad scream full of pain and fear, a sound he knew he would never be able to forget.

Then the pain hit him and everything went black.






When Kendall heard his name called he snapped out of his thoughts.

“Huh?” he asked, not knowing which one of his friends called him.

“Dude, c’mon you should eat something. You haven’t even touched your burger yet.” James said in a worried voice which made Kendall angry again.

Why couldn’t they see that Kendall doesn’t want any pity and doesn’t want to worry his friends.

“I told you I’m not hungry!” he snapped back without meaning to.

All his friends jumped, surprised at Kendall sudden outburst.

“Uhm, if you say so.” James said quiet and highly uncomfortable.

“So you..don’t want to eat your Burger?” Carlos asked from the other side of the table with shining eyes, an empty plate and a with burger sauce messed up mouth.

“Go ahead.” Kendall said and pushed his Burger to Carlos, knowing exactly what he wants.

“Thanks man, you’re the best.” The Latino hurried to say before he shove the Burger in his moth and in his rush splashed sauce on Logan’ shirt.

“Hey! Carlos gross!” Logan shrieked.

“‘or-y.” Carlos apologized as good as possible with a full mouth.

Logan rolled his eyes and looked back at Kendall.




Logan’s flashback:

10-year-old Logan sat in his math lesson, enjoying it more than everybody his age.

He looked over to one of his best friends Carlos. The little boy was about to fall asleep, so Logan threw a scrunched paper at him and laughed at his expression when it hit his head.

Carlos did get it wrong. He thought Logan did it to tease him and threw it back at him.

The paper ball flew directly in Logan’ face and shut the boy who glared at Carlos.

James chuckled from his place, trying to be not too loud so they won’t get punished from the teacher.

‘James Diamond, Logan Mitchel and Carlos Garcia in the office please.’ came from the speaker.

The three friends changed a look, wondering which one of their pranks caused them trouble again.

The got up and went to the office.

“What do they possibly want from us?” Carlos asked confused.

“I don’t know. Probably we’ll get punished because of a prank they didn’t think was funny.” Logan answered back.

“Oh, that’s so not fair! When we prank someone we’re always four but Kendall is not here to get his punishment!” Carlos complained.

“Ohh, I swear if I’ll get punished I’ll punish him myself.” James muttered.

They knocked on the door and got called in.

“Uhm, hello? We got called here…” Logan said to the secretary, Ms. Steward.

“I know honey. Director Miller is already waiting for you three.” she said in a voice with an emotion Logan would describe as…pity?

“Oh, um, okay, thank you.” Logan said for all of them, confused by the pity in Ms. Stewards voice.

James knocked on Mr. Miller’s door.

“Yes?” it answered through the closed door.

The three entered the room.

“Oh, there you boys are. Would you please come and sit down.” He offered them chairs.

And again Logan could hear pity in the voice, by now he was more than a little worried.

“Thanks director Miller.” James thanked.

“So, can I ask you boys a question?” he asked and all of them could sense that he feels uncomfortable.

“Uh, sure, I guess.” Carlos said.

“When was the last time you’ve seen Kendall?” He asked them.

They were all a little unsure how to answer.

They didn’t expect a question like this.

“Oh, yesterday. We had hockey practise.” James answered.

“And after that? Did you know if he had to planed to go somewhere?” Mr. Miller continued to ask.

“Yeah, he and his dad went to a hockey game, why?” Carlos said.

Mr. Miller took a deep breath and by then all the boys were afraid what he was about to say.

“Guys, Kendall and his dad did go to the game, but when they were driving home, they got in an accident.” he told the boys.

The three pre-teens gasped.

“I’m so sorry boys, I know how close you all are. I can imag-” he begun but Carlos interrupted, suddenly able to talk again.

“Wait! Is he okay? Kendall isn’t hurt, is he? I mean I talked to him yesterday and no-” he said but Logan calmed him when he put his arm around his shoulder.

“Guys, Kendall is okay. He got a few cracked ribs, a broken leg some cuts over his face and torso and hit his head pretty strong and has a concussion, but he is okay.” he told them.

Logan felt that this wasn’t everything and then it hit him.

“You say Kendall is alright?” he asked with a shaky voice.

Mr. Miller nodded.

“And his dad?” he asked quietly.

Mr. Miller looked him directly in the eyes, shocked at the question and looked to the floor.

Logan felt tears running down his cheeks, because he just realised what had happened.

Kendall has lost his father.

I’m Not Perfect (Chapter 1)

“James! Jamie, wake up! Come on, James, we don’t have a lot of time to get ready!”

An annoyed sigh left James’ lips the moment his eyes cracked open. Through the fogginess of his mind, he could make out the figure of Kendall’s face hovering just mere inches above his own. He emitted a not-so-manly squeak from somewhere down his throat at the sight, because he really wasn’t expecting to be greeted by that the moment he gained back his consciousness from a dream-filled sleep. Then again, who would? But this was Kendall, and Kendall could pretty much invade his personal space without really meaning to. The blond was just a naturally friendly and clingy person, who tended to do that with pretty much everybody.

“Get ready for what?” James asked, right hand moving to rub the sleep from his eyes.

“Time to get ready, so we don’t arrive late at Rocque Records, and Gustavo doesn’t kill us for the billionth time this week!” Kendall explained in a high-pitched voice. James couldn’t help rolling his eyes at his best friend.

“Relax, dude.” James pushed gently on Kendall’s chest, forcing the smaller boy to stumble to his feet. “Get yourself ready. I’ll be out in a bit.”

“Okay,” Kendall said in response. “Just don’t take too long, because we roughly have over twenty minutes, then we have to catch the limo.”

“Will do, mother!” James said jokingly as he watched Kendall back out of the room.

Suppressing a yawn, the brunette rose on both feet, kicking his wrinkly blankets to the side, and went to gather his clothes from his closet. Staring at every piece of clothing he owned, for a little past a couple of seconds, James decided on a blue t-shirt lying at the bottom of the closet and on a pair of sweatpants. He gathered them into his hands and walked into the bathroom connected to the bedroom he shared with Carlos.

Trying to be as quick as possible, James changed into his studio clothes and got himself ready for the day that was awaiting him. He looked into the mirror as he combed his brown locks of hair, tired eyes staring back at him through the glass. He was tired out of his mind, but there was not much he could do about it. He had to suck it up if he wanted to keep his job, which was to him the best job in the world.

Stumbling over his own feet, James ran out of the bathroom. He had thirteen minutes left according to the digital clock on his nightstand. Quickly, he slipped on his shoes and ran all the way to the kitchen. To his surprise, everybody was up and about. Kendall, Logan, and Carlos were sitting on the bar stools in the kitchen, impatiently watching Mrs. Knight, who was standing near the stove, preparing what appeared to be eggs and bacon, judging by the smell.

“Morning guys,” James said with a smile as he sat down beside a drooling Carlos and Logan.

“Morning,” Logan and Kendall said simultaneously, Carlos apparently being too busy dreaming about the food that would soon be sitting in front of him, to even mumble a reply.

“Did Gustavo say what we were going to be working on today?” the brunette asked curiously, eyes shifting between Kendall and Logan.

“Yeah,” Kendall answered, “he said we would be recording that new song he was writing last week. Said something about it being done, and Griffin wanting a new single out soon. And by the way he said it, I’m guessing he wants it by some time this week. I mean, you know how Griffin can be. Once he sets his mind on a date, there’s no changing his mind whatsoever.”

“True,” James and Logan said at once.

And it was true. Griffin expected a lot out of them, and since they never gave him a reason not to, his expectations on the four boys had only increased as the time flew by. They had now been living in LA for a little over a year, meaning that his expectations were a lot higher than when they had first been signed to work with Gustavo on some demos.

“Boys, breakfast is ready!” Mrs. Knight shouted happily, knocking the boys from their previous conversation. All four boys grinned happily, Carlos jumping up with a cry of joy. The surrogate mother of five smiled at the joyful gesture, being used to it after knowing James and Carlos for eleven years now, and Logan for nine.

“Here you go, guys,” she said as she started to pass around a plate for each boy. Soon enough, the four boys were digging into their meal, kind of like starving animals. Mrs. Knight watched them, shaking her head at the eating boys. “You’re all going to end up chocking on that food if you eat any faster,” she sad warningly. However, the boys paid no attention to her. “Boys!”

“Sorry mom,” Kendall apologized between a mouthful of food. “We don’t have much time left. Gustavo is gonna murder us if we’re late again.” With that being said, the blond got up from his seat and placed his empty plate on the sink. The rest of the boys followed suit right after him.

“Bye mom.” With a smile on his face, Kendall leaned forward and gave his mother a kiss on the cheek. By then James, Carlos, and Logan had already exited the apartment. With one final wave, Kendall walked out of the apartment in search of his best friends. To his surprise, James was standing outside of the apartment with a goofy smile adorning his tan face.

“Hurry up, squirt,” James said jokingly, wrapping an arm around Kendall’s shoulders and giving him a sideways hug. With a laugh, he wrapped the same arm around Kendall’s neck and gave him a nuggie.

“Don’t call me squirt!” Kendall yelped as he pulled away from the giggling brunette. James only laughed even harder at the playful glare the younger boy sent in his direction.

“I’ll call you whatever I want to call you,” James retorted. He grinned evilly at the pouting blond and stretched out his arms in front of him, fingers wiggling freely in the air. As soon as Kendall noticed this, he bolted towards the stairs, knowing they were much faster than the elevators. Behind him, he could hear James laughing away. He just hoped he could reach the limousine or Carlos and Logan before James could reach him.

“Guys, h-help!” the blond yelled out desperately as he ran out of the Palm Woods lobby and through the pool area. Several curious eyes turned to the boy with confused eyes while he ran past, but no one made a move to help him, so he kept running until he reached the black limousine waiting outside for him. To his relief, one of the doors was cracked open, giving him the chance to jump inside, only to land on an unexpected Logan and Carlos.

“Got you!”

Kendall let out a squeak when a hand wrapped around his ankle. He heard the door of the limousine close, followed by the sound of the engine coming to life. It wasn’t long before he was a giggling and squirming mess in Logan’s and Carlos’ laps, while James’ fingers busied themselves ticking the blond boy’s sides.

“No… James, p-p-please! I c-can’t breathe!” Kendall cried out, eyes watering up with tears from laughing so much. Soon enough, Logan and Carlos had joined in on the tickling fight; Carlos tickling Kendall as well, while Logan decided to help the gasping boy by tickling James.

By the time the limousine halted in front of Rocque Records, all four boys were on the floor, all on top of one another with Kendall on the bottom and James on the very top. Carlos was on top of Logan, who was on top of Kendall.

“Guys, I would greatly appreciate it if you all GOT UP FROM ON TOP OF ME!”

Chuckling, James reached for the limo’s door handle, succeeding in opening the door. But as soon as the door was wide open, he fell out, followed by Carlos and Logan. Kendall crawled out of the limo with a grin on his face.

“Losers!” he shouted over his shoulder as he ran inside Rocque Records. The other boys followed after him, dreading the exhausting hours that were to come their way.

I'm Not Perfect (Prologue)

Summary: James was always seen as the definition of perfection. Everyone saw him as perfect. Everyone except himself. In his eyes, he needed to work hard to earn that title. Too bad he didn’t know that sometimes people hurt themselves by trying to be what society shoves down their throats. – Rated: T – Genre: Angst/Friendship – Characters: James & Kendall


To his friends and the people around him, James was the definition of perfection. With his soft and silky, chestnut-colored locks of hair, hazel and bright eyes, and charming smile, he was always seen as flawless. Never was he seen with a strand of hair sticking up in an odd direction; his hair always being combed to perfection. His down to earth personality and Diamond charm did nothing to help his situation. The girls fell head over heels for him; the boys envied him. While that was a gift, it could also be seen as a curse. Because James Diamond was seen as perfect to anybody around him, except himself.

As a child and teenager, James had always had the dream of becoming famous, whether it was as a pop star, actor, or model. He loved it when he was the center of attention. Somehow, having people clapping for him and cheering him on always gave him a boost of confidence. He loved the attention. He dreamed of one day performing for thousands of people. Singing was his passion, and he hoped that one day, singing could become his job.

It was until he was sixteen years old that the opportunity became presented to him. As his eyes focused on the television in front of him, a smile turned his lips upward. This was it! He could finally have the career he had always wanted. He could finally become famous. All he had to do was get to Gustavo Rocque’s audition on time and make sure that the producer liked him.

To him, the task was easier than counting from one to three.

But as Kelly Wainwright –Gustavo’s assistant– handed out little sticky slips of paper with numbers to see which of the four best friends would go first, and in what order they would go in, James became nervous. Suddenly, the idea of performing for the famous producer wasn’t so tempting.

In a rush, James removed his sticky paper with the number 810 on it and stuck it onto Logan’s shirt, at the same time taking the sticky paper with the number 811 and sticking it onto his vest. He had nervously smiled at his shorter best friend and told him to go ahead before him. Of course, Logan having no interest in the matter, had claimed that he couldn’t sing. But thanks to Kendall’s quick way of thinking, the second smallest of the four had gone up and beat boxed for Gustavo. Unfortunately, the only response he got from the grumpy man was to be yelled at in his face. To say he was traumatized would have been an easy way of putting how he was feeling into words.

Then number 811 was next, and James was forced to trade sticky papers with Carlos so that he wouldn’t go next. Logan’s claim of Gustavo being Satan with bug-eyed sunglasses had really freaked him out, and frankly, he was now terrified out of his mind.

When Carlos came back, he had a rather pleased smile on his face, as he told his best friends that he wasn’t going to Hollywood. James didn’t even want to know what his smaller friend had done. With Carlos being Carlos, he could only guess that the boy had done something very stupid that most likely got him humiliated.

For the third time that day, James reached to trade sticky papers with Kendall. The shorter boy, however, had other plans. Unlike his two other friends, Kendall was bull-headed and stubborn. He may not have been as smart as Logan, but he was definitely wise beyond his years. That was something James had always admired about him.

“James, this is your dream, not mine. Now, remember, opportunities like these come once in a lifetime. Now, grab on to that dream with both hands and go BIG TIME!” Kendall, always trying to encourage his best friends had said those exact words to James, right before pushing him towards the doors of the auditorium in which they were to audition. Still nervous and a bit scared –though he had to admit, Kendall’s words had given him an unknown courage– the brunette had walked forward and positioned himself in front of the so-called-Satan, not knowing what was to come his way.

“I don’t need good. I need the fire. I need someone to knock me out of my seat, and as you can tell, I’m still in it. Because you have NO TALENT!”

Gustavo’s words had stung, much like a knife to the heart. So apparently he was good, but not good enough to have the fire Gustavo was looking for. He might have had talent and a pretty face, but that was not enough to win the producer over. He wasn’t good enough. The pain hit him full-force. His insecurities brought him crashing down, until he saw Kendall stand up from his seat and confront the angry producer.

James watched in surprise as Kendall shouted in Gustavo’s face, then jumping onto the table in front of him and his assistant, only to resume his angry rampage. He was mad; James could tell. By the way he started singing his Giant Turd Song and insulting the man in front of him, James knew Kendall was not a happy camper at the moment.

The brunette watched with worried eyes as Carlos jumped out of his seat in order to remove the security guards that had now surrounded his best friend. Without a second thought, James joined in on the fight. Logan and Mrs. Majikowski were soon joined in on the fight. It wasn’t long before the cops were called and the boys were escorted back to Kendall’s house, where Kendall’s mother opened the door with an amused look on her face.

So James had not been good enough for Gustavo? James could live with that. Sure, he was sad and a bit mad, but it wasn’t something his friends could not fix with a night of games and being their goofy selves. Another opportunity would most likely appear to him in the near future. He wasn’t concerned about that.

But then Gustavo returned. He thought he had come back for him, but that wasn’t the case. Gustavo wanted Kendall. Kendall was the fire Gustavo had been searching for. He had finally found his new star after touring 22 cities and auditioning 20,000 teenagers, and it wasn’t James. While it hurt to know that his best friend would live the dream James had always wanted, he felt oddly satisfied and proud –not for himself but for Kendall. He wanted Kendall to take this opportunity into his own hands and do something positive with it. Kendall was passion-driven; surely, he would do what was right. But then, why had he rejected Gustavo’s offer?

James felt like slamming his head into a wall after Kendall declined to go with Gustavo to Los Angeles in order to become a popular singer. Was this it? Was Kendall going to give up that easily?

For the rest of that night and part of the next day, James felt like he hated Kendall. While his head wanted to hate Kendall, he knew that deep inside his heart, he still loved the blond like a brother. But there was no denying that he was upset over his decision.

It was the next day, when the boys were visiting Kendall at Sherwood –which was the supermarket he worked in– that they finally managed to convince Kendall to go with Gustavo. The youngest of the four had other plans in mind, though, for when Gustavo went to talk to him, he suggested that he had to take all four of them with him. He made it very clear that he would not be going to LA by himself, unless his best friends were by his side. The suggestion was a kind and selfless one; James found himself smiling after the green-eyed boy had suggested it to Gustavo. And when Gustavo finally said “yes”, James wanted to cry with happiness. And he would be lying if he said that he didn’t run back home to cry into his pillow due to the joy that was running through his body.

It took both James and Kendall a lot of convincing in order to get Mrs. Diamond to let James go to Hollywood, but she eventually gave in. Within a period of 24 hours, the boys were in a plane on their way to sunny Los Angeles.

James thought that moving to LA with his best friends would be the best thing for him. But it seemed like faith had other plans. With everything going on around him, and James receiving constant pressure from Gustavo and hateful words, James felt his self-confidence slowly decrease, until he felt pretty much worthless and drained out of energy.

James was referred to as “the pretty boy” pretty much wherever he went. Gustavo had told him multiple times that he had to create an image for himself, and not ruin it. He had to keep being pretty. Had to keep winning the girls over. He had to keep being the best he could be.

James had to be perfect.

Not one little flaw could be seen on him. He had to be the best of the best; the prettiest boy in town.

James hadn’t thought much of it back then, but after some time passed by, he came to a conclusion. Maybe if he acted perfect and was perfect, Gustavo would finally accept him for who he was. Maybe he could finally be who he was without being judged.

James smiled as he looked at his reflection on the mirror that stood in the bathroom of Rocque Records. He might have not been perfect then, but he would be… in a matter of time. Time was all he needed. Time to create the perfect image of himself.

What About Now Chapter 3

Kendall just sat in silence after Katie had left the room. Logan and his friends were talking around him, not really paying any attention to the blond. Kendall got the impression that Logan didn’t really want him there while his friends were over.

Not that Kendall could really blame him. He was just a worthless nobody and people didn’t really want to hang out with a nobody. His school life up until he had been adopted had been proof of that.

After people had found that Mr and Mrs Knight had been murdered and Katie had told them that it was all Kendall’s fault, people had just stopped talking to him. The few friends that he did have had left him, believing what Katie was saying about the murder.

Kendall sighed. He life had gone from good to bad in about three months. And he really wasn’t sure how much more of this he could take. If what Kendall thought about Logan was really true (not that he would blame him) then he wasn’t sure that he would be around much longer.

He just… he really didn’t know what to think anymore.

He hadn’t told Kelly this because he didn’t want her to think that he was crazy and give her a reason to hate him to but ever since the first time that Katie had accused him of their parents’ death, Kendall had been hearing voices in his head telling him to go and kill himself. He never listened to the voices but now they were getting harder and harder to ignore.

With one last look at Logan and his friends, Kendall left the room. He didn’t really know his way around the Mitchell house, so Kendall just wandered around until he accidentally collided with someone.

“Ow!” The person screamed. Kendall looked up to see that he had bumped into Katie.

Oh no. He was so dead.

Katie looked down to see who had bumped into her and when she saw that it was her brother, she glared at him.

“Watch where you’re going, you little brat!” She screamed at Kendall. Kendall trembled from where he sat on the floor. “You could have seriously hurt me! Why do you have to be so clumsy and stupid all of the time!”

Tears filled Kendall’s light green eyes. Katie had never yelled at him like that before. Ever since this whole thing began she had just simply ignored him, she had never yelled at him before.

“That’s right, cry, you stupid little bitch,” Katie said glaring at Kendall. “No one even wants you here. Not Mr and Mrs Mitchell. Not Logan or his friends. And certainly not me,”

Katie walked away, leaving a sobbing Kendall in the hallway. He had no idea that she actually felt like that.

Kendall buried his head in his knees, sobbing quite loudly. She was right. He was just a clumsy, stupid, little brat. He couldn’t do anything right. Because of him, his parents were dead (or so he thought) and Katie now hated him and wanted nothing to do with him.

But what if she was also right about Logan and the Mitchells? What if they didn’t want him either? What if they were only letting him stay because they felt sorry for him that his parents were now dead? And surely if Logan didn’t want him then Logan’s friends wouldn’t want him around either.

Kendall sat there on the floor against the wall, sobbing, until he felt strong arms wrap around him and bring him against someone’s chest. He buried his tear stained face in that person’s shirt as he felt a hand rubbing soothing circles on his shaking back.

Five minutes later, Kendall looked up to see that he was in Logan’s arms with James and Carlos sitting around them. Kendall tried to get away from them but they were to strong and held him in place.

“What’s wrong, Kendall?” Logan asked in a worried voice. He, James and Carlos had wondered where Kendall had gone to and went to look for him when they noticed that the younger boy wasn’t in his and Logan’s bedroom anymore. They had found him sitting here by himself, crying into his knees, wondering what had gotten the boy so upset.

“K-Katie…” Was all that Kendall managed to get out before the tears started running down his face again.

“What happened, little buddy?” Carlos asked. When Logan had told them Kendall and Katie’s story, he had felt a need to protect the younger boy and not just because he was now his best friend’s little brother.

“S-She-” Kendall couldn’t finish what he was saying. He buried he face in Logan’s shirt again. Right now, it was just too painful to talk about. He felt so betrayed by Katie.

“Ssh, Kendall. It’s okay,” Logan said in soothing voice, shifting Kendall so that he was now cradling the blond in his lap and rocking him back and forth. “Tell us what happened. What did Katie do to make you so upset, buddy?”

“S-She said t-that I-I was a c-clumsy l-little b-brat and that n-nobody wanted m-me here,” Kendall sobbed.

How could Katie say something like that about a boy like that? And more importantly how could she say something like that about her own brother?

Logan, James and Carlos were all out raged when the words had left Kendall’s mouth. The three boys had never been so angry in their lives’.

“Kendall, you’re not a brat and you’re wrong, we do want you here. Every single once of us,” Logan said and James and Carlos nodded in agreement.

“Logan’s right, Kendall,” James said giving the little blond a reassuring smile. Kendall didn’t return the smile and didn’t say anything more. He just laid there in Logan’s arms until he had cried himself to sleep.

Logan shared a look with James and Carlos. Katie was going to get it later. But this was also a look that said that they needed to watch out for Kendall, protect him and make him feel loved.

They needed to convince him that this was he was his fault, they didn’t know how to do that though.

But they knew that they had to or risk losing Kendall to himself. Because when you wallow in your own hatred, you become your own worst enemy.

What About Now Chapter 2

Kendall slowly walked into the house as he held on tight to Logan’s arm, not that the older boy minded much. Ever since they had left the orphanage, Kendall hadn’t left Logan’s side. He was too scared.

Things were going to be so different now. And he didn’t know what was going to happen next and he really didn’t want to think about it. What if it was something bad? After all, bad things had only seemed to happen to him lately ever since he had found his parents dead in their room. Katie turning her back on him was basically proof of that.

He really didn’t know why, but he was afraid that Logan would turn his back on him as well once he found out how his parents died. He was so afraid that Logan would think that it Kendall’s fault as well that his parents were dead. He knew it was silly to think that but he just couldn’t help it.

“Well, Katie, Kendall, here we are,” Mr. Mitchell said they entered the front foyer. Kendall looked around a little. The front foyer was large with high ceilings and it had little beige colour on the walls that made it seem welcome. He could also see a large staircase off to the side that most likely lead to the bedrooms.

“Katie, your room is the last room on the left and, Kendall, you’ll be sharing a room with Logan, the room right next door to ours,” Mrs. Mitchell explained. Katie nodded her head as she followed Mr and Mrs Mitchell upstairs, carrying her bags and also leaving Kendall and Logan alone.

“Are you ready to go upstairs, Kendall?” Logan asked softly. Kendall nodded shyly as Logan took his hand and gently led him up the stairs to their shared room.

Logan slowly opened up the door once he and Kendall reached the top of the stairs and led the now shaking blond inside the room and closed the door behind him.

“That’s your bed,” Logan said smiling as he pointed to the bed that was closest to the window. Kendall nodded and moved to sit on the bed that Logan was pointing at. “Mom will probably take you and Katie to go shopping for clothes and things like that either tomorrow or the next day,”

“S-She doesn’t have to do that,” Kendall said in a small voice looking at his hands. He really didn’t want Mrs. Mitchell wasting her money on him; he just wasn’t worth it.

“Well, she wants to. She just wants you and Katie to be really happy here,” Logan said moving to sit down beside the blond. When Kendall didn’t respond Logan just sighed. His parents had warned him about this.

They had explained to him that Kendall (at the time he thought he was just going to have Kendall as a sibling) would most likely have problems excepting things from them because of his parents’ death. At first, Logan didn’t understand why that would be such problem for him but then his mom also explained the Knights hadn’t had a lot of money for toys and things like that so Kendall probably wouldn’t be used to receiving things from other people.

Logan reached over and gave Kendall a gentle squeeze. Kendall leaned into his touch, having been touch deprived for a while now. Katie had stop hugging him or touching him in any sort of way when she had started believing that Kendall was somehow to blame for their parents’ death. Sure, Kelly had hugged and comforted him whenever he had had his nightmares in the orphanage but it was nothing like the sibling love that he had desperately needed and wanted for the past little while.

The boys sat in silence for a while just enjoying each other’s company. They knew that they should probably be getting to know each other but right now they were just enjoying the company to much to really talk to one and other.

The boys heard a knock on the door; Logan got up to answer it, only to come face to face with his two best friends, James Diamond and Carlos Garcia.

“Hey, guys,” Logan greeted letting the two boys into his bedroom.

“Hey, Loges,” James and Carlos said together. When they entered the room they were shocked to see a little blond boy, who looked to be about fourteen-years-old, sitting on the bed across from Logan’s.

“Uhh, Logan?” Carlos asked looking at the boy. “Who’s that?”

“Oh!” Logan said before his face broke into a smile. “This is Kendall, one of the kids that my parents adopted. I told you guys about that remember?”

James and Carlos both nodded before they stopped.

“Hold on,” James said looking at Kendall before turning to look at Logan. “What do you mean by “one of the kids”? Do you mean there’s more then one?”

Logan nodded at his two best friends. “Yep. My parents adopted two kids, Kendall and his sister Katie Knight,”

“Oh,” James and Carlos said.

All three boys turned to the shaking blond who was still siting on the bed. Logan slowly walked over to Kendall, bringing the younger boy to his feet before him bringing over to where Carlos and James were standing.

“Kendall, these are my best friends, James Diamond and Carlos Garcia,” Logan introduced, pointing to each of the boys in turn.

“Hi, Kendall,” They said as the door opened again.

“Logan, have you seen- Oh. Never mind,” Katie said as she saw her brother standing right front of her with Logan by his side.

“Katie,” Logan said looking at the brunet girl. “These are my friends James and Carlos. James, Carlos, this is Kendall’s older sister Katie,”

Katie smiled at the two and gave them a wave before leaving the room but not before shooting her brother a disgusted look. Kendall almost backed away from Logan and his friends when she did that. That was the look that Katie now gave him whenever there were new people around. That was the look that said “You better not mess this up or there will be hell to pay”. He really hated that look. He really did.

Fortunately, for him, Logan and the others didn’t seem to notice. Maybe one day they would figure it out or maybe he would just tell them.

But, for right now, he was just enjoying his new life. And he wanted to keep it that way for as long as possible.

Chapter 3