Haunting Memories (Chapter 2)

Kendall’s Flashback:

‘Whatever tomorrow brings I’ll be there with open arms and open eyes yeah. Whatever tomorrow brings I’ll be there, I’ll be there,…’

The air in the car was filled with the sound by Drive by Incubus which came from the radio and by the voices from 10-year-old Kendall and his father Ken which joined the song and almost yelled the lyrics.

They sat in the car for almost one hour and were now on their way home.

Ken invited his son to a game from their favorite Hockey team, the Minnesota Wilds.

When the young boy heard where they were going he was more than happy.

He loved it when it was just him and his dad.

Of course, he loves Katie and his Mom, but it is still different if it is just him and his dad.

His dad and Hockey is the best combination, so how could he not be happy.

“Haha, did you enjoy the day big man?” Ken asked between laughter.

“Yeah, the day was amazing, thanks dad.” he smiled.

They drove for another 15 minutes and talked about the game and random stuff when it started getting darker and on top of that it started snowing pretty much.

“How long will it take us until we’re home?” Kendall asked in a calm voice, knowing his dad had to concentrate.

“Don’t worry, no more than 20 minutes.” he answered him, never looking away from the road.

Kendall could clearly hear that his dad was nervous, even if he tried to hide it.

So the young boy decided to stay quiet and let his dad fully concentrate on driving.

They drove for a little bit more than 5 minutes when the car started sliding uncontrolled.

“Dad…” Kendall called out for him worried and no longer able to keep his voice calm.

“Everything is find, buddy. Just sit still.” he told him through clenched teeth.

Kendall watched his dad with concern as he tried to get the car under control.

Finally it seems as if he has the car under control again.

“Puh, pretty stressful, huh?” he smiled at Kendall.

Kendall just smiled back, happy nothing happened.

And that was when something happened.

Through the strong snowfall Ken couldn’t see where the car was.

Obviously while trying to get the control over the car back it slide on the other side of the street, where now a Truck was coming their way.

Before Ken could react and bring himself and his son in safety the Truck hit the drives side.

Kendall heard his dad scream full of pain and fear, a sound he knew he would never be able to forget.

Then the pain hit him and everything went black.






When Kendall heard his name called he snapped out of his thoughts.

“Huh?” he asked, not knowing which one of his friends called him.

“Dude, c’mon you should eat something. You haven’t even touched your burger yet.” James said in a worried voice which made Kendall angry again.

Why couldn’t they see that Kendall doesn’t want any pity and doesn’t want to worry his friends.

“I told you I’m not hungry!” he snapped back without meaning to.

All his friends jumped, surprised at Kendall sudden outburst.

“Uhm, if you say so.” James said quiet and highly uncomfortable.

“So you..don’t want to eat your Burger?” Carlos asked from the other side of the table with shining eyes, an empty plate and a with burger sauce messed up mouth.

“Go ahead.” Kendall said and pushed his Burger to Carlos, knowing exactly what he wants.

“Thanks man, you’re the best.” The Latino hurried to say before he shove the Burger in his moth and in his rush splashed sauce on Logan’ shirt.

“Hey! Carlos gross!” Logan shrieked.

“‘or-y.” Carlos apologized as good as possible with a full mouth.

Logan rolled his eyes and looked back at Kendall.




Logan’s flashback:

10-year-old Logan sat in his math lesson, enjoying it more than everybody his age.

He looked over to one of his best friends Carlos. The little boy was about to fall asleep, so Logan threw a scrunched paper at him and laughed at his expression when it hit his head.

Carlos did get it wrong. He thought Logan did it to tease him and threw it back at him.

The paper ball flew directly in Logan’ face and shut the boy who glared at Carlos.

James chuckled from his place, trying to be not too loud so they won’t get punished from the teacher.

‘James Diamond, Logan Mitchel and Carlos Garcia in the office please.’ came from the speaker.

The three friends changed a look, wondering which one of their pranks caused them trouble again.

The got up and went to the office.

“What do they possibly want from us?” Carlos asked confused.

“I don’t know. Probably we’ll get punished because of a prank they didn’t think was funny.” Logan answered back.

“Oh, that’s so not fair! When we prank someone we’re always four but Kendall is not here to get his punishment!” Carlos complained.

“Ohh, I swear if I’ll get punished I’ll punish him myself.” James muttered.

They knocked on the door and got called in.

“Uhm, hello? We got called here…” Logan said to the secretary, Ms. Steward.

“I know honey. Director Miller is already waiting for you three.” she said in a voice with an emotion Logan would describe as…pity?

“Oh, um, okay, thank you.” Logan said for all of them, confused by the pity in Ms. Stewards voice.

James knocked on Mr. Miller’s door.

“Yes?” it answered through the closed door.

The three entered the room.

“Oh, there you boys are. Would you please come and sit down.” He offered them chairs.

And again Logan could hear pity in the voice, by now he was more than a little worried.

“Thanks director Miller.” James thanked.

“So, can I ask you boys a question?” he asked and all of them could sense that he feels uncomfortable.

“Uh, sure, I guess.” Carlos said.

“When was the last time you’ve seen Kendall?” He asked them.

They were all a little unsure how to answer.

They didn’t expect a question like this.

“Oh, yesterday. We had hockey practise.” James answered.

“And after that? Did you know if he had to planed to go somewhere?” Mr. Miller continued to ask.

“Yeah, he and his dad went to a hockey game, why?” Carlos said.

Mr. Miller took a deep breath and by then all the boys were afraid what he was about to say.

“Guys, Kendall and his dad did go to the game, but when they were driving home, they got in an accident.” he told the boys.

The three pre-teens gasped.

“I’m so sorry boys, I know how close you all are. I can imag-” he begun but Carlos interrupted, suddenly able to talk again.

“Wait! Is he okay? Kendall isn’t hurt, is he? I mean I talked to him yesterday and no-” he said but Logan calmed him when he put his arm around his shoulder.

“Guys, Kendall is okay. He got a few cracked ribs, a broken leg some cuts over his face and torso and hit his head pretty strong and has a concussion, but he is okay.” he told them.

Logan felt that this wasn’t everything and then it hit him.

“You say Kendall is alright?” he asked with a shaky voice.

Mr. Miller nodded.

“And his dad?” he asked quietly.

Mr. Miller looked him directly in the eyes, shocked at the question and looked to the floor.

Logan felt tears running down his cheeks, because he just realised what had happened.

Kendall has lost his father.


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