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What About Now

Summary: After finding his parents dead in their bedroom, Kendall and his sister Katie are adopted by The Mitchells. But, Katie, convinced that Kendall had something to do it, has turned her back on her brother. Kendall feeling alone and depressed turns to cutting and other things to relieve his pain. When Logan finds out about this can convince Kendall that it wasn’t his fault? AU. Genre: Angst/Hurt/Comfort Characters: Logan and Kendall

What About Now?

Chapter 1

He slowly walked up the to his parents in the attic. He wasn’t sure why he was up there, he just felt that he had to. He wasn’t going up there because he had a nightmare like he normally did when he went to his parents’ room.</p>

No. He like had to check on them. Even though he had just seen them merely hours ago when had come to his room to say goodnight to him before living for their own room. To him something didn’t feel right. No; not at all.

Something wasn’t right. He just knew it.

As he approached his parents’ he felt his palms starting to and his heart starting to race. He was getting really scared now. He didn’t know what he would find once opened that door. Hopefully his parents, asleep and in bed. But right now he wasn’t so sure.

He hoped that his minded was just playing tricks. That this was just a side effect from all the junk food that he had eaten before bedtime. He was seriously considering abandoning doing and going and climbing in bed with his older sister because right now he was seriously freaked out.

He took a deep breath as he put his on the door the knob and turned ever so slowly. He pushed the door ever slowly.

He froze.

And then he screamed.

Kendall woke up with a start, tears running down his as lay in his bed at the Palm Woods Orphanage. Sobs start to escape his throat. He had the seen it again.

His parents. Lying dead in their bedroom, a man hanging with a gun hanging them. It had been one of the horrifying things the merely fourteen year old boy had seen in his entire life.

After he had screamed, his older sister, Katie Knight, had come to see what he was screaming. Then to had screamed at the seeing the sight of her parents dead on their bedroom floor.

The rest of it was a blur to Kendall; the last thing he remembered was entering the orphanage clinging for dear life to his sister. The siblings had stayed together that night.

Not daring to leave each other’s sides for anything.

In the coming days since the murder the siblings had attended their parents’ funeral and learned even more terrible news.

They had to be put up for adoption.

They had no other family in which they could live with. Sure they had their grandparents but they were for old and frail to look after Kendall and Katie.

That was three months ago now and they still haven’t adopted. Katie, for reasons unknown to Kendall, had stopped talking to him. He felt so scared and alone now.

He didn’t dare try to make friends with any of the other kids at the orphanage. He that they would just turn their backs on him to like his sister seemed to have done. He was so alone and he hated that.

He wanted his parents back, but he knew that he wasn’t going to get them back. No matter how much he wanted it. And Katie; he wanted her back too. He wanted her to be that caring, loving sister that he had always known her to be. But it seemed like he wasn’t going to get that either.

He hated this. He all of this.

He heard his bedroom door opened as Ms. Kelly Wainwright, the lady who ran the orphanage, came to see why Kendall was screaming.

“Kendall? Are you okay, sweetheart?” She asked him as she sat down on the edge of his bed. He shook his head as he attached himself to her. She was the only one that he trusted now and it wasn’t uncommon for her to be his room in the middle of the night. “What’s wrong, sweetie?”

“I-I s-saw it a-again,” He sobbed, burying his face in the crook of her neck.

“Oh Kendall,” She sighed sadly. She hugged him closer to her and rubbed his back. She felt so bad for him, she did, of course she felt bad for anyone loses their parents but Kendall has not only lost his parents but it seems he’s lost his sister as well.

She just held like she did most and just let him cry out all his pain. After minutes, seeing that he had cried himself to sleep again, she laid him down under his covers and tucked him in.

Logan Mitchell followed slowly behind his parents as the entered the Palm Woods Orphanage. Today was and exciting day for them as they were looking to hopefully some new members into their little family.

Logan had been asking his parents for a new sibling for a while now and they had finally caved but with Logan being 16 clearly having a child the natural way would prove impossible so they had decided to try adoption.

Logan looked slowly around as woman approached him and his parents. He was so excited about he could barely control himself; he was just so excited about this. Ever since he was he had always wanted a sibling and now he was finally gonna the chance to have one.

Logan was brought out of his thoughts when he felt his mother’s hand on his shoulder telling him it was time to go inside and meet the kids. Logan’s parents had picked the child already, Logan was just meeting them for the first time and they would get to take the child home with them today.

They entered what looked like a small bedroom where a boy with blond hair and a girl with brown hair were waiting for them.

“Logan, would like you to meet your new brother and sister, Kendall and Katie Knight,” His mom told him gesturing to the boy and then the girl in turn.

“Hi,” He said with a friendly smile.

Katie smiled back at him and returned the hello while Kendall just looked at his feet, not meeting Logan’s gaze.

“Well, we’ll let you kids get to know each other while go and finish up some paperwork and then we can leave,” Mrs. Mitchell said as she Mr. Mitchell and Kelly exited the room.

“So… How old are you guys?” Logan asked calmly, though he was far from. He was so freaking happy; he thought he was only getting one sibling but now he’s getting two!

“Well, I’m sixteen and Kendall’s fourteen she said smiling. “How about you? How old are you?”

“I’m sixteen as well,” He answered.

“Aww! That means is the little baby!” Katie cooed. Kendall blushed hated it whenever someone called him a baby.

“I think that’s cute,” Logan said smiling at the shy blond in front of him.

“Thank you,” Kendall mumbled shyly. He had always been a shy person and he hated that.

After a few more minutes of just talking the three adults came back told the kids it was time to leave. As they left the room, Kendall hesitated. He was scared. He never really had been anywhere since he came to the orphanage except school. Logan noticed that Kendall wasn’t following them to the main lobby.

“Are you okay, Kendall?” He asked him. Kendall just shook his head with tears in his eyes. “What’s wrong?”

“I’m scared,” He whispered in a small voice. Logan made his way over to the smaller boy wrapped an arm around his shoulders, giving him a gentle squeeze.

“It’ll be okay, you’ll see,” Logan reassured as they followed everyone else out of the orphanage. Ready to start a new, hopefully life.

Chapter 2