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One Sentence ~ Expanded

I know this is an older story I posted, but I expanded it for a writing contest and decided to post it here as well. It gives more insight into Kendall’s emotional state.

It was close to six in the evening by the time 15-year-old Kendall got home from the small mom and pop market where he worked. He used to love working there until the owners, the Hanssens, had semi-retired and their nephew had taken over as manager. He was a pushy, arrogant man, who liked to bully the checkers and often made fun of customers. He had threatened to fire Kendall on more than one occasion if he didn’t show up for every shift he tried to schedule him for, even though the law clearly stated the teen couldn’t work more than three hours on school days and not past 7 PM. Kendall had thought about quitting, but there weren’t that many jobs around for someone his age, and it was the only way he could afford to keep playing hockey.

Kendall unlocked the door, went inside, and hung up his jacket. “Mom, I’m home!”

Not receiving an answer, he walked through the living room to the kitchen.

He found a note on the microwave and groaned.

Kendall, Katie is spending the night at Molly’s and I’m on a date with Rick. There is leftover tuna casserole in the fridge. Please make sure you finish your homework and please take out the trash. Also, if you have a chance, could you run to the market and pick up a few things? I tried calling you, but it went straight to voicemail, which is probably a good thing since you were at work. There’s a list on the fridge. If you can’t go or don’t have enough money, that’s fine, I’ll go tomorrow.


He sighed. “Great, no food,” he said, opening the fridge and seeing only half a gallon of milk and the casserole his mother had made two days before. Ever since she had started dating Rick, she had been forgetting things like doing the marketing, laundry, and he was usually in charge of watching Katie, in spite of a heavy schedule of school, work, and hockey.

He decided against the casserole – he didn’t think he could stomach it three nights in a row and it was starting to smell funny, so he poured himself a bowl of cereal. He ate in silence, thinking how quiet the house was. The home phone rang and Kendall answered. “Hello.”

“Hi, honey. I wanted to let you know I won’t be home until late. Rick and I are in Minneapolis for dinner and to see a show,” Jennifer Knight said.


“I would really appreciate it if you could do the shopping. There isn’t much in the house, and I have to work tomorrow,” Jen said.

“Mom, I just got home a few minutes ago and really don’t want to go back out and have to carry a bunch of groceries home.”

“You can take Katie’s wagon. I’ll pay you back tomorrow. I didn’t know we would be out so late,” Jen told him.

“I still have a bunch of homework to do,” Kendall said. It was already dark and he was tired from being on the go all day.

“Kendall, I don’t ask for much, but I really need you to do this. Molly is spending tomorrow night, and she and Katie will be there at about ten, and there is nothing for lunch.”

“Tell me about it,” Kendall mumbled.

“What is that supposed to mean?”

“Nothing,” Kendall said.

“I left dinner for you, I’m sorry if you didn’t like it,” Jen said defensively.

“It’s gone bad, mom.”

“Then go to the store and get something. I already said I’ll pay you back tomorrow,” Jen said firmly.

“It’s fine, I had cereal.”

He could hear a man’s voice in the background and rolled his eyes as Rick asked her if Kendall was whining about chores again. He heard Jen shush him.

“Kendall, I’m sorry about your dinner. Just pick something up and I’ll make it up to you, I promise.”

“Mom, I’m tired,” Kendall said quietly.

“Kendall, I have to go, but I’m asking you as a favour. Please do the marketing,” Jen said.

“Fine, it’s not like you care anyway,” Kendall snapped.

“Young man…” Jen started.

“Have a nice dinner and show. I’ll take care of everything here, like always,” Kendall said, ending the call.

He grabbed his jacket and headed out the door. His phone rang numerous times, so he set it to silent, knowing his mom was furious with him. He got to the market and did the shopping. He had forgotten the list, so he just got the basics, plus a few snacks that he knew his mom wouldn’t pay him back for.

By the time he got home, it was cold and he was feeling exhausted and extremely down about everything. He put the groceries away and went up to his room to work on his homework.

He had turned the ringer on his phone back on and immediately regretted it. His mom and Rick had left several angry messages, and after he had listened to them all, he decided he wasn’t in the mood to do any homework.

Growing up was not easy, especially since he was the most mature, yet youngest of his group of friends. He got lonely because his older friends no longer had time for him, and he often found himself wishing things wouldn’t change so quickly. Since he was the eldest child in the family, he sometimes found that his responsibilities had grown, even though he was still really just a child, and it wasn’t fair.

He sat at his desk and doodled in an old, worn-out notebook. He wasn’t really thinking of anything. He was so tired of everything and just wanted things to be the way they used to be.

After a few minutes, Kendall stared at the words he had written. He tore out the page and let it float to the floor, where it settled amongst the other pages that laid there.

“Why should I care if you don’t?”

Another page torn and released to flutter down amongst the others. “Lies, broken promises, regrets… What are they worth?”

He scribbled a line on a page, and then tore the papers out one by one and watched as they fell around his feet. He fought back the tears that were stinging at his eyes, and he could hear his mother’s voice in his head. You’re the man of the house and men don’t cry.”

Other voices flooded in from various people. “What do you have to be sad about? What’s the matter, finally realized you’re not good enough? Why can’t you get your act together and stop moping? You are so useless.”

“God I’m such a loser,” he said.

He stared at the word he had just written without thinking, Friendship.

He glanced over at the framed photo on his desk and choked back a sob. Friendship. He tore the page from the notebook and let it fall as tears fell with it.

He stared down at it for a few minutes and took a ragged breath as he slowly reached for his phone. He debated for a moment, before sending a text.

Hey Loges, what’s up?

He sat, waiting for a reply, and jumped when his phone beeped. He sighed as he read the text. Busy, can’t talk right now. Is it important?

Kendall hesitated before replying. Just feeling a little down and I was hoping we could hang out or something?

Sorry buddy, trying to finish this paper and then going out to dinner with my mom.

Okay, well maybe later.

Why don’t you try Carlos?

Yeah, thanks, Kendall typed and hit send. Not receiving another reply, he stared at the dark screen as he contemplated calling Carlos or James. He sighed as he sent a quick text to Carlos and waited about ten minutes for a reply.

When he didn’t receive one, he tried James. Hey, wanna catch a movie or something? My mom’s out on a date and Katie is staying overnight at her friend’s house.

He started picking up the papers as he waited for a reply. He thought about throwing them in the trash bin but stacked them neatly on his desk. His phone beeped and he checked his screen. Sorry buddy, Carlos and I are double dating tonight.

What about later? My mom won’t be home until late and we haven’t hung out for awhile.

Dude, we are going on a date, with any luck we won’t be back until late either. Why don’t you call Logan? He’s probably just sitting at home with his nose in some book.

He’s busy with family stuff. What about tomorrow? Kendall typed.

I don’t know, we’ll have to see. I might be hanging out with Josh and Ben.

Come on James, we never do anything anymore. Can’t you guys hang out some other time? We could have a guys’ day or something. Maybe a scary movie marathon, and we can have snacks and things, Kendall suggested, hating that he sounded so needy.

We’re not twelve anymore you know. Maybe if you thought of more grown-up things to do we could hang out more, James replied.

Kendall stared at his phone, uncertain of how to reply. On one hand, he was mad, and on the other, he was hurt… very hurt. He typed his response carefully. I just thought we could all hang out like we used to but nobody seems to have time anymore. I miss you guys and just thought it would be fun.

He sat there and bit his lip as he waited for a reply. He waited for a few minutes, and when there was none, he just left his phone on the bed as he grabbed the notebook and wrote again.

He pulled the page out and left it on the bed next to his phone as he stood up and went back to the desk. He looked at the stack of papers and gently pushed them, watching as they fluttered to the ground. He grabbed the framed photo and sat back down on the bed and pulled the photo out. He touched each one of his friend’s faces and then placed it next to his phone, as he curled up and stared at it. “I miss you. I’m so lonely and things are so hard. I hate school, I hate work, I hate my mom’s boyfriend, and I hate my life right now. You promised you would always be there, but you left me behind. Everyone leaves,” he said quietly to himself.

He lay there quietly for a moment, and then took a deep breath. He got up, grabbed his jacket and headed downstairs and out the door, never looking back. He didn’t hear his phone beep or see the text that came across. Sorry buddy, my phone died and I had to find my charger. You’re right, we do need to hang out so I’ll tell Carlos and you call Logan, okay? Let me know you got this message.

The next morning, James and Carlos showed up at Kendall’s house and Mrs. Knight answered the door. “Good morning, boys. You haven’t been over in a while.”

“Kendall wanted to hang out today, and he never answered me last night, so we thought we would just head over and get an early start,” James explained.

“I think he’s still sleeping. Go on up.” She smiled.

“Thanks,” the boys said as they headed upstairs.

Carlos knocked on Kendall’s door, but there was no answer. He knocked again. “Time to get up!”

He opened the door, but there was no one in the room. “I thought he was still sleeping?” he asked as they went into the room.

They saw the papers scattered on the floor, and James spotted Kendall’s phone on the bed. He went over and picked it up. “That’s weird.”

“James…” Carlos said as he pointed at the photo and the paper that was lying next to it.

“No,” James said as he picked it up. On the paper was written one sentence, one question, one cry of loneliness and sorrow. One small sentence, but it said it all, and their hearts broke as they read it.

“Would you miss me if I were gone?”


Wagonny ~ Chapter Seven

Antonio got to the cafeteria and saw Jen sitting next to John, who was drumming his fingers on the table, his right leg bouncing up and down. Antonio took out his phone, snapped a couple of pictures, and then went over to the coffee bar and poured himself a cup of coffee.

John watched him and shook his head. “You’re enjoying this, aren’t you?”

“Why would you think that?” Antonio asked as he walked over and sat down on the other side of his partner.

John shook his right arm, the handcuffs jingling a bit. “Well?”

Antonio sat back and rubbed his chin. “I’m wondering if we need to put you through a refresher course.”

“You are all so funny tonight, aren’t you?” John asked, rolling his eyes.

“Antonio has a point. That’s twice you were outsmarted by thirteen-year-olds,” Jen pointed out.

“They are unnaturally devious little creatures, which he helped raise,” John said pointing at Antonio.

“Well, I’m not sure I want to free you with that kind of attitude,” Antonio said, playing with his keychain.

“Fine, I’ll figure it out myself,” John said, standing up as far as he could. He put his hands under the table and started pulling it across the room.

Antonio started laughing when John got to the door but the table was too wide to pull through.

A cafeteria worker ran over to him and John quickly pulled out his badge.

“Don’t you think you should help him?” Jen asked.

“Do I have to?” Antonio asked, still watching as John tried to convince the worker that he would return the table as soon as he retrieved his keys.

“Probably,” Jen said.

“Fine.” Antonio sighed and stood up. He started towards John, who was still arguing with the worker, and his cell rang. “Garcia,” he answered.

“Honey, the doctor has the MRI results,” Sylvia said.

Antonio’s heart dropped at the sound of her voice breaking. “On my way.” He went over to John, quickly unlocked the cuffs from the table, and then pushed past him.

“What’s wrong?” John asked noting the sudden change in demeanor.

“Carlos’ test results are back and Sylvia is crying,” Antonio said as he ran for the elevator.

John looked back towards Jen, motioning for her to join them. Jen jumped up and rushed after her friends.

Once inside the elevator, Antonio kept pressing the button for the fourth floor. Jen reached over an took his hand. “It doesn’t make the elevator go any faster.”

He nodded and ran a hand through his hair. “I know. I just hate feeling so…”

“Helpless?” Jen asked.

He gave her a small smile and nodded. “He’s already making plans for if he can’t walk and I can’t even bring myself to consider it.”

“Carlos always sees the silver lining, it’s his gift. I know he’s going to be just fine, no matter what happens,” Jen said hugging him.

“I know. It’s Logan I’m worried about, he’s going to blame himself.” Antonio sighed.

“And that’s Logan’s gift, to care for and worry about everyone he loves. Alex will be here tomorrow and that will help,” Jen said.

“I hope so,” Antonio said as the elevator doors opened.

The elevator doors opened and they started for the boy’s room. They turned the corner and saw Joanna standing in the hallway, an arm around both Kendall and James, who looked like they were going to cry.

Jo saw them and said something to the boys, who nodded.

They reached them and Jo gave him a small smile. “Sylvia and the doctor are waiting inside.”

Antonio nodded. “Thank you.”

“Everything is going to be okay,” Jo said.

“I hope so,” Antonio said as he went inside his son’s room.

John stood in front of the other two boys, his arms crossed over his chest. “Well?”

“Sorry?” Kendall said, simply.

John arched an eyebrow. “Is that a question and is that really all you have to say for yourselves?”

“We’re really, really sorry,” James said, giving him a huge smile, as he moved behind Joanna.

John held out his hand.

Kendall pulled John’s phone from his pocket and handed it to him.

John arched his eyebrow again. “Keys.”

Kendall eyed the cuffs still hanging on John’s wrist and shook his head. “I don’t think so.”

“Kendall,” Jen warned, attempting to be stern as she hid a smile.

“He’ll just handcuff us again,” Kendall said, mimicking John’s stance as he crossed his arms over his chest.

“Because you keep running away,” John pointed out.

“We just need to know that Logan and Carlos are going to be okay. We have to be here,” Kendall said, his vision blurring a little as he remembered his friends lying in the field. Carlos’ stillness and Logan’s screams had overwhelmed him and he was determined not to be separated from them.

“Yeah, we have to be here, they need us,” James said.

John sighed. “I promise I won’t handcuff you again IF you promise to stay put.”

“Not the cafeteria,” Kendall stated.

“If you promise to behave we can stay in the family waiting room,” Jen said.

“Does that work?” John asked the boys.

“As long as you don’t try to lock us in,” Kendall told him.

“Done,” John said, holding his hand out to shake on the deal.

“We want to see them first,” Kendall said. John nodded and Kendall cautiously took the offered hand and shook it.

“Now the keys,” John said, holding his other hand out.

Kendall pulled the keys from his other pocket and handed them to him.

“Thank you,” John said as he unlocked the cuffs from his wrist.

“Are we all happy now?” Jo asked, laughing at the indignant expression on John’s face.

John saw a few chairs sitting along the hallway, two doors down. “Yes,” John said, taking a firm hold of Kendall and James’ arms.

“Hey!” James squealed.

“Just making sure everyone stays where they are supposed to be,” John said as he pushed the boys into the chairs.

“You promised we can see them!” Kendall snapped, trying to pull away.

“And you will, as soon as Antonio finishes speaking to the doctor,” John told him, taking the seat between the two boys.

Kendall rolled his eyes and huffed. “Fine!”

After a minute he looked over at James, but before he could say anything John placed a hand on each boys’ head and turned them so they were facing forward. “Oh, no you don’t.”

“My hair!” James whined, trying to detach the man’s hand from his head.

“Keep it up and I’ll take you in for a buzz cut,” John said with a smirk.

“You wouldn’t!” James said, horrified at the thought.

John just smiled.

Antonio went into the room and saw both boys were sleeping soundly. Sylvia was talking to Dr. Matthews as they looked at the screen of a small laptop. Sylvia saw him and rushed over, wrapping both of her arms around one of his. She pulled him over to Dr. Matthews, who gave him a small smile.

“Well?” Antonio asked softly, almost afraid to hear the answer.

Dr. Matthews turned the laptop so he could see the screen. She pointed to an area on the screen. “Do you see this?”

Antonio looked and saw an image of a spine. “Yes.”

Dr. Matthews pointed to an area on the lower part of the image. “This is the lower thoracic and upper to mid lumbar area of Carlos’ spine.”

“Okay…” Antonio said, not sure what he was supposed to be seeing.

She typed something in and another layer was added to the image. “This is the muscular tissue surrounding the area. Normally, it’s the same density as the rest but there is intense swelling in the T11 and L2 area.”


“It’s temporary,” Sylvia said, hugging him. She pressed her face into his shirt as she tried to hold back more tears.

Dr. Matthews nodded. “There are no fractures, no herniations, and no separations, so the once the swelling goes down, all sensation should return.”

“So he’ll be able to walk?” Antonio asked.

She nodded again. “I think so. However, every case is different and there is no way of knowing how long it will take. Some people recover in a few days, while others can take months to heal, but given his age and physical condition, I don’t believe it will take that long. He’s going to need plenty of bed rest for the next few days, as well as physical therapy once he’s recovered enough.”

“We can do that,” Sylvia said.

“Yes, we can. Whether Carlos can do it is another question,” Antonio said, kissing her cheek.

Dr. Matthews smiled. “It’s going to be very important that he follow instructions. We don’t want his recovery set back.”

“He’ll follow them,” Sylvia promised.

“We’ll figure it out,” Antonio agreed.

“I know it’s not easy for someone so young to stay still, and with any luck, it won’t be for long,” Matthews said.

“I hope not,” Antonio said, thinking of all the things that could go wrong.

She patted his arm. “I’m going to start my rounds If you need anything, have the nurse call me.”

“I will, thank you,” Antonio said shaking her hand.

“You’re very welcome. He is an incredibly sweet boy.”

“Thank you,” Sylvia said, shaking her hand.

“I’ll be back to check on him later,” Dr. Matthews said as she headed out the door.

Antonio went over to Carlos’ bed and kissed his son on the forehead. “You’re going to be okay.”

“He is,” Sylvia agreed, hugging Antonio’s arm. “It’s Logan I’m worried about.”

“The doctor said his arm should heal fine,” Antonio said.

She sighed. “After you left he woke up screaming. He thought Carlos had died and was saying it was his fault.”

Antonio shook his head. “Poor Logan, this wasn’t his fault.”

“You and I know that, but convincing him is going to be something of a challenge,” Sylvia pointed out/

“Jo said Alex is coming?”

Sylvia nodded. “He’s catching the next flight out.”

“Hopefully, seeing that Carlos is alright and having his dad here will help.”

“I hope so, it was just an accident,” Sylvia said as she tucked the blankets around Carlos.

“Yeah…we’re going to have to keep an eye on Logan, though,” Antonio said quietly as he went over to the other bed and made sure the blankets were tucked around the other boy.

“I don’t think there is going to be a shortage of eyes. You know that Kendall and James aren’t going to leave their sides,” Sylvia said with a smile.

“That is very true,” Antonio agreed. “Speaking of, we should let them say, goodnight.”

“So, how was John?” Sylvia asked as Antonio walked to the door.

“It’s hard to tell. He was definitely annoyed, but I think he was impressed as well.” Antonio laughed.

“Those are our boys for you,” Sylvia said, laughing too.

“Yes,” Antonio said shaking his head as he opened the door. He looked over at Jen and Joanna, who pointed down the hallway. He saw John sitting in-between Kendall and James, holing their heads so they were facing forward.

Kendall saw Antonio out of the corner of his eye. “Papa G, can we see them now?”

Antonio stood in front of them and crossed his arms over his chest. “I don’t know, you’re starting to give my police department a bad reputation.”

“Papi…” Kendall said, trying to squirm away from John.

Antonio laughed. “Alright, we’re going to go in, you’re going to say goodnight, and then you’re going to go get some sleep.”

“Mama K said we can stay in the family waiting area,” as James finally got out of John’s grip.

“She said IF you behave,” John said standing and taking the teen’s arm.

“We will,” Kendall said as he finally got loose.

John reached for him but he quickly moved to the other side of Antonio. Antonio shook his head as he put his arm around Kendall’s shoulders. “Okay, let’s go say goodnight so we can all get some rest.”

“Go on,” John said, giving James a smile and a small push.

Antonio put his other arm around James and led the boys to their friends’ room.

They went inside and Sylvia smiled. “Keeping John on his toes?”

Kendall smiled back. “It’s not that hard.”

Antonio cleared his throat.

“Well, maybe a little hard,” James interjected with a smile.

Kendall rolled his eyes as he walked over to where his friends were sleeping. “Why can’t we stay in here?”

“We won’t be any trouble, we promise,” James said, looking at Antonio hopeful.

“I’m sorry, Mijos, but there isn’t anywhere for you to sleep.”

“We can sleep on the floor,” Kendall said.

“I don’t think they’ll allow that and the waiting room is only six doors down,” Sylvia said, hugging him.

“But they need us,” Kendall said quietly.

“And you’re here for them. We’ll let them know where you are if they wake up before you do,” Antonio promised.

“They’re really going to be okay?” James asked.

“Yes, the doctor said they’re going to be just fine,” Sylvia said.

“Carlos will be able to walk?” Kendall said softly.

“Yes, as soon as the swelling goes down, which means we’re going to need help keeping him entertained because he has to stay quiet,” Antonio told them.

“We can do that,” Kendall said, smiling a little.

“I know you can, and that means you need your rest,” Antonio said as he put his arm around their shoulders again.

Kendall sighed. “Okay.”

“You’ll really call us if they wake up?” James asked.

“I give you my word,” Antonio said as he walked them to the door. “Goodnight, Mijos.”

“Goodnight, Papi and Mami,” Kendall said.

“Goodnight, boys,” Sylvia said, giving them each a kiss.

“Night, Papi, Mami G,” James said.

The boys, Jen, and John headed down to the family waiting area while Jo, Sylvia, and Antonio settled into the boys’ room for the night.

A couple of hours later Logan whimpered in his sleep. Joanna woke up and squeezed his hand. “It’s okay, baby, I’m here.”

“M-Mom, w-where am I?”

“Sweetie, you’re in the hospital, remember?”

“Not really, my head is thick,” Logan said trying to sit up.

“No, you need to stay still. You dislocated your shoulder and they had to put it back in place,” Jo explained, gently pushing him back.

Logan’s eyes went wide as everything came crashing back. “Where’s Carlos, is he okay, he was so quiet, he wouldn’t answer! Oh, God, he’s dead and it’s my fault,” Logan started sobbing.

Jo pushed the railing down an pulled him into her arms. “No, baby. Carlos is fine, he’s sleeping in the next bed.”

Sylvia and Antonio both woke up. Antonio went to the other side of Logan’s bed. “Mijo, Carlitos is going to be fine. He’s just sleeping.”

“No, no, no,” Logan cried, shaking his head.

A nurse came in and took in the scene. “Do you need the doctor?”

“I think so.” Jo nodded as she tried to console her son.

The nurse got on the phone and had them put her through to Dr. Matthews, who said she would be right own.

A couple of minutes later she arrived and checked Logan’s vitals. She asked the nurse to pull up a small dose of Valium and a few moments later Logan was sleeping again,

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