What About Now Chapter 2

Kendall slowly walked into the house as he held on tight to Logan’s arm, not that the older boy minded much. Ever since they had left the orphanage, Kendall hadn’t left Logan’s side. He was too scared.

Things were going to be so different now. And he didn’t know what was going to happen next and he really didn’t want to think about it. What if it was something bad? After all, bad things had only seemed to happen to him lately ever since he had found his parents dead in their room. Katie turning her back on him was basically proof of that.

He really didn’t know why, but he was afraid that Logan would turn his back on him as well once he found out how his parents died. He was so afraid that Logan would think that it Kendall’s fault as well that his parents were dead. He knew it was silly to think that but he just couldn’t help it.

“Well, Katie, Kendall, here we are,” Mr. Mitchell said they entered the front foyer. Kendall looked around a little. The front foyer was large with high ceilings and it had little beige colour on the walls that made it seem welcome. He could also see a large staircase off to the side that most likely lead to the bedrooms.

“Katie, your room is the last room on the left and, Kendall, you’ll be sharing a room with Logan, the room right next door to ours,” Mrs. Mitchell explained. Katie nodded her head as she followed Mr and Mrs Mitchell upstairs, carrying her bags and also leaving Kendall and Logan alone.

“Are you ready to go upstairs, Kendall?” Logan asked softly. Kendall nodded shyly as Logan took his hand and gently led him up the stairs to their shared room.

Logan slowly opened up the door once he and Kendall reached the top of the stairs and led the now shaking blond inside the room and closed the door behind him.

“That’s your bed,” Logan said smiling as he pointed to the bed that was closest to the window. Kendall nodded and moved to sit on the bed that Logan was pointing at. “Mom will probably take you and Katie to go shopping for clothes and things like that either tomorrow or the next day,”

“S-She doesn’t have to do that,” Kendall said in a small voice looking at his hands. He really didn’t want Mrs. Mitchell wasting her money on him; he just wasn’t worth it.

“Well, she wants to. She just wants you and Katie to be really happy here,” Logan said moving to sit down beside the blond. When Kendall didn’t respond Logan just sighed. His parents had warned him about this.

They had explained to him that Kendall (at the time he thought he was just going to have Kendall as a sibling) would most likely have problems excepting things from them because of his parents’ death. At first, Logan didn’t understand why that would be such problem for him but then his mom also explained the Knights hadn’t had a lot of money for toys and things like that so Kendall probably wouldn’t be used to receiving things from other people.

Logan reached over and gave Kendall a gentle squeeze. Kendall leaned into his touch, having been touch deprived for a while now. Katie had stop hugging him or touching him in any sort of way when she had started believing that Kendall was somehow to blame for their parents’ death. Sure, Kelly had hugged and comforted him whenever he had had his nightmares in the orphanage but it was nothing like the sibling love that he had desperately needed and wanted for the past little while.

The boys sat in silence for a while just enjoying each other’s company. They knew that they should probably be getting to know each other but right now they were just enjoying the company to much to really talk to one and other.

The boys heard a knock on the door; Logan got up to answer it, only to come face to face with his two best friends, James Diamond and Carlos Garcia.

“Hey, guys,” Logan greeted letting the two boys into his bedroom.

“Hey, Loges,” James and Carlos said together. When they entered the room they were shocked to see a little blond boy, who looked to be about fourteen-years-old, sitting on the bed across from Logan’s.

“Uhh, Logan?” Carlos asked looking at the boy. “Who’s that?”

“Oh!” Logan said before his face broke into a smile. “This is Kendall, one of the kids that my parents adopted. I told you guys about that remember?”

James and Carlos both nodded before they stopped.

“Hold on,” James said looking at Kendall before turning to look at Logan. “What do you mean by “one of the kids”? Do you mean there’s more then one?”

Logan nodded at his two best friends. “Yep. My parents adopted two kids, Kendall and his sister Katie Knight,”

“Oh,” James and Carlos said.

All three boys turned to the shaking blond who was still siting on the bed. Logan slowly walked over to Kendall, bringing the younger boy to his feet before him bringing over to where Carlos and James were standing.

“Kendall, these are my best friends, James Diamond and Carlos Garcia,” Logan introduced, pointing to each of the boys in turn.

“Hi, Kendall,” They said as the door opened again.

“Logan, have you seen- Oh. Never mind,” Katie said as she saw her brother standing right front of her with Logan by his side.

“Katie,” Logan said looking at the brunet girl. “These are my friends James and Carlos. James, Carlos, this is Kendall’s older sister Katie,”

Katie smiled at the two and gave them a wave before leaving the room but not before shooting her brother a disgusted look. Kendall almost backed away from Logan and his friends when she did that. That was the look that Katie now gave him whenever there were new people around. That was the look that said “You better not mess this up or there will be hell to pay”. He really hated that look. He really did.

Fortunately, for him, Logan and the others didn’t seem to notice. Maybe one day they would figure it out or maybe he would just tell them.

But, for right now, he was just enjoying his new life. And he wanted to keep it that way for as long as possible.

Chapter 3


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