Wagonny ~ Chapter 3

Antonio sat in the ambulance in-between Carlos and Logan. The medic had told him that Carlos’ vitals were good and he was stable. He’d been wearing his helmet and didn’t appear to have any head trauma. He was still out though and the medic thought it could be shock.

Antonio was brought out of his reverie when Logan cried out as they hit a small pothole, “It’s alright Mijo.”

“I’m s-sorry, I’m so sorry. It was a stupid idea I t-thought it would be o-okay with just the two of us. He d-did so w-well on his p-practice test and we haven’t t-taken Wagonny out in s-so long!” Logan stammered.

“Logan, it’s alright. Believe it or not, my brothers and I were ALWAYS doing something that either got one of us hurt or all of us into trouble. You’re young, it’s what you do,” Antonio told him.

“Why won’t he wake up? He w-was crying and then I didn’t hear him anymore! H-He wouldn’t answer me and I was s-so scared…that he d-died,” Logan cried.

“Son, you need to calm down. Your friend is stable and all of his vitals are all normal,” the medic said.

“Everything’s going to be alright,” Antonio said, squeezing Logan’s hand.

The ambulance pulled into the ER parking bay and the medics jumped out and pulled out first Logan, and then Carlos. They pushed the gurneys inside, Antonio still holding onto Logan’s hand.

The medic pushed Carlos into the first room and the other was starting to push Logan into the second room when he started crying. “NO! DON”T TAKE HIM AWAY. WE HAVE TO STAY TOGETHER!”

Antonio looked at the medic, “Can we keep them together?”

“I’m sorry there’s only room for one bed per room, he’ll be right next door though,” the medic said.

Antonio looked over at Carlos and then down at Logan, who was still clutching his hand. “Alright, that’s my son. His name is Carlos Eduardo Garcia, he’s in your system and his pediatrician is Anna Sharpe. My wife should be here in just a few minutes, along with Logan’s mom. I’m going to stay with Logan until they get here, so could you let them know and if Carlos starts to wake up, have someone come and get me?”

“Of course,” the medic smiled.

“Thank you,” Antonio said as they wheeled Logan into the second room.

The doctor came in and looked at the medic’s notes. “Hi Logan, my name’s Dr. Barnes. Can you tell what hurts?”

“You need to t-take care of Carlos first,” Logan said

“Is Carlos the friend that came in with you?”

“Y-Yes, he needs help m-more than I do,” Logan stammered.

“Dr. Matthews is taking care of your friend, now I need to you to tell me what hurts,” Dr. Barnes said gently.

“M-My right a-arm and my b-back,” Logan told him.

“Did you hit your head at all?” Dr. Barnes asked, checking his eyes.

“N-No I rolled, and was wearing a helmet.”

“Let’s get his shirt and jacket off and call down to x-ray and let them know we’re sending him down,” Dr. Barnes told the nurse.

“Yes doctor,” she said as she started to pull Logan’s left arm out of his jacket. The movement jolted him and he cried out.

“Cut them off and then place a catheter,” Dr. Barnes said.

She nodded and grabbed a pair of rounded tip scissors and soon had his jacket and shirt off. When she was done quickly placed a catheter and once she had it secured, she called down to x-ray as the doctor checked Logan out.

A moment later Joanna rushed in, “Logan, what happened?”

“I’m sorry mom! We were j-just going down the h-hill b-but the wheel caught in the g-grass and we flipped over and now Carlos won’t wake up,” Logan told her, starting to cry again.

“Antonio?” Joanna asked, looking over at her friend.

“He’s stable, they said it’s probably shock. If you’re okay here though, I’m going to go check on him,” Antonio said.

“Of course, Sylvia’s already with him,” Joanna told him.

He nodded and bent down and kissed Logan on the forehead, “Everything’s going to be alright Mijo.”

“Thank you,” Joanna said, kissing Antonio on the cheek.

“I’ll be right next door,” he smiled.

Antonio walked next door and found Sylvia sitting there with Jen, Carlos was gone. She jumped up and threw her arms around him, “They took him down for an MRI to make sure there’s no head or back trauma.”

He nodded, “They’re sending Logan to x-ray, he may have a broken arm.”

“What were they thinking?” Sylvia asked.

“They’re thirteen, they weren’t really thinking and I don’t think coming down on them about it’s going help. Logan is already upset and blaming himself,” Antonio told her.

“It was just an accident,” Sylvia agreed.

“Where are the other two?” Antonio asked, realizing that Kendall and James were not in the room.

“John took them to the cafeteria because they could hear Logan and were trying to get over to him,” Jen said.

“I’m actually surprised they went without a fight,” Antonio smiled as he sat down.

“They didn’t, he had to drag them practically kicking and screaming,” Sylvia smiled.

“So what did the doctor say?” Antonio asked.

“He’s got alot of cuts and scrapes on his hands and arms. They’re going to have pull out some gravel. She didn’t see any obvious signs of trauma and that she wanted to do the MRI just to be thorough,” Sylvia sighed.

He nodded, “Probably a good idea.”

“What if there is something wrong? What if he has a skull fracture or a broken back? Why wouldn’t he wake up?” Sylvia asked as the situation started to overwhelm her.

“Sweetheart, he’s going to be alright. They were both out there for quite awhile and the medic said it’s probably shock,” Antonio said reassuringly.

“Come on, why don’t we go down and get some coffee? It’s going to be a long night,” Jen suggested, taking Sylvia’s arm.

“I want to be here when they get back,” Sylvia said.

“Honey, it’s going to take at least half an hour for the MRI. I’ll wait here and you go with Jen, check on the other boys, and bring me back some coffee,” Antonio said.

“You’ll call me if they get back early?” Sylvia asked, allowing Jen to pull her towards the door.

“Of course I will, now go,” Antonio said.

“Alright,” Sylvia agreed as she followed Jen out the door.

Kendall and James sat in the cafeteria trying to convince John that they needed to go back to the ER. “No, you two finish your sodas and let the doctors do what they need to do. Your moms will call as soon as they hear anything,” John told them.

“But…” James started.

“There’s nothing you can do for them right now. We might as well wait here where we’re out of the way,” John said firmly.

“Fine,” Kendall pouted, sitting back with his arms crossed over his chest. He caught James’ eye and gave him a slight nod. James gave a slight nod back and knocked his cup on the floor.

“Darn it,” he said grabbing some napkins. He got down on his knees and started wiping up the spilled drink, reaching under the table to get the small puddle that was starting to form there. He got up and went over to the trash bin and threw them in, giving Kendall another nod.

Kendall smiled and stood up, “We’ll be right back.”

“What?” John asked.

“Bye,” James waved as he and Kendall dashed across the cafeteria and out the far door.

“Come back here!” John ordered, standing up to chase after them. He took one step and went down, his shoe laces tied together. “You little monsters!” John half yelled and half laughed.

A couple of moments later Jen and Sylvia walked in and found John still trying to undo the knots in his laces. “Looks like someone needs a refresher course on how to detain adolescents,” Sylvia smirked, taking out her cell.

“Very funny,” John huffed as he finally managed to separate his shoes.

Sylvia laughed quietly as she called Antonio’s cell. “Honey, I’m afraid you have a man down. Be on the lookout for two fugitives who are heading your way.”

“What did they do?” Antonio asked, laughing.

“They overpowered the officer in charge and fled the scene,” Sylvia said.

“Alright, I’m sure they’ll be sneaking around here somewhere. Is John alright?” Antonio asked, wondering how the two boys had “overpowered” his partner.

“I’m afraid his ego has taken quite a beating,” Sylvia laughed.

“Laugh it up,” John said as he took off in the direction the boys had gone.


2 thoughts on “Wagonny ~ Chapter 3”

  1. Logan is so distraught is this chapter! It makes my heart clench and twist and screw up into a tiny ball as if to try and feel the pain and agony (both physical and mental) that he’s going through! I really liked the scene between Antonio and Logan and then also Antonio and Sylvia. Antonio going with Logan because he felt that he needed him more at that moment was so sweet because his son is still hurt and then didn’t know how, but he chose Logan even still. And the little scene where Sylvia is worrying about Carlos’ condition and he’s comforting her is really sweet; they seem like a really close married couple who are always there for each other. Really well written. Great chapter <333 xxx

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