Waggony ~ Chapter 4

Kendall and James raced out of the cafeteria and slowed once they got to the elevators on the far side of the building. They waited for the doors to open, keeping a close eye on the hallway for any sign of John. As soon as the doors opened they got in and pressed the button for the next floor up.

“Do you think he’ll call Papa G?” James asked.

“Probably,” Kendall said.

“How are we going to get back into the room if Papa G knows what we did?”

“He’ll be in Carlos’ room by now, so we’ll go to Logan’s,” Kendall said.

“Mama M will be in there though,” James said as the doors opened. The boys looked both ways before leaving the elevator and heading back towards the ER.

“Yes, but John won’t call her,” Kendall pointed out.

“True, ” James agreed.

They walked down the hallway, keeping an eye out for Antonio. When they got to the nurse’s desk they waited until all of the nurses were busy and quickly went past and towards the rooms where their friends were being examined. Once they got to Carlos’ room they stopped and listened for any sound. Not hearing anything they stayed close to the wall and quickly moved down to Logan’s room.

Kendall peeked around the corner and saw Joanna sitting there, speaking to someone on her phone.

“They’re both going to be fine Alex, but I know he’d love it if you came up for a visit.” She looked up and smiled at the boys, waving them in.

“Hi Mama M,” Kendall said quietly as he walked in, pulling James with him.

She smiled and held up a finger. “Okay…I’ll give the boys your love and we’ll see you this weekend,” Joanna said hanging up. “Hi boys, how are you doing?”

“We’re okay, have you heard anything about Logan?” James asked.

“He should be back from x-ray any minute. The doctor thinks he has a dislocated shoulder and possibly a broken wrist,” she said.

“W-What about the blood?” James asked, remembering his friend had been covered in it.

“He had a bloody nose and quite a few cuts and scrapes on his hands and arms,” she told him.

“Is he going to have to have surgery?” Kendall asked.

“The doctor said as long as there are no breaks in the bone or severe tears in the muscle, that they should be able to reduce it without surgery.”

“Reduce it?” James asked.

“Put his arm back in the socket,” Joanna said, not quite looking at them and giving a slight nod.

“Okay, good,” Kendall smiled.

Someone cleared their throat from behind the boys and they froze. Kendall and James both turned slowly around to find Antonio standing there, with his arms crossed over his chest.

“Is there a reason my partner ended up on the cafeteria floor?” Antonio asked.

“H-Hi Papi,” Kendall smiled.


“Well…I noticed his laces were loose, so while I was cleaning up the soda I spilled, I thought I’d help out and tied them for him,” James smiled sweetly.

“Together?” Antonio asked.

“Now that I think about it, I guess they WERE a little close together,” James said.

“Shoelaces can be so dangerous, always coming undone at the wrong time. Maybe the police should switch to velcro,” Kendall suggested.

“He’s NOT in uniform,” Antonio pointed out.

“Maybe he needs to wear them while he’s undercover?” James said.

Antonio arched an eyebrow and was about to respond when John came through the door. “There you little monsters are!”

Both boys quickly moved to stand behind Joanna. “Is there something I should know?” she asked.

“We just wanted to see the guys,” James said, keeping an eye on John.

“What did you do?” she asked.

“He knocked over his drink and while he was cleaning it up, somehow managed to tie my shoelaces together,” John told her.

“He tied your laces together and you didn’t feel that?” Joanna smirked.

John rolled his eyes. “He kept bumping my leg while he was cleaning it up.”

“Well that should have been your first clue,” Joanna said.

“What should have been?”

“How often did you voluntarily clean up anything when you were thirteen?”

Antonio snorted. “She’s got you there.”

“I don’t recall asking for your opinion on the matter,” John said turning to look to his partner.

James grabbed Kendall’s arm, using John’s distraction to try and slip out the door. He still had a firm grip on his friend when Kendall yelped as John caught ahold of him and pulled them both back into the room. “Going somewhere?”

“We thought we’d go back to the cafeteria and wait for you,” James smiled.

“Nice try,” John smirked as he slipped a handcuff over James’ wrist.

“Hey!” James complained as John slipped the other cuff onto Kendall’s wrist.

John took ahold of the middle and smiled. “NOW we’ll go back to the cafeteria.”

“Papi!” Kendall said.

Antonio smiled and shook his head. “Sorry Mijos, you two have already gotten away twice now, and we need to know where you are.”

“Well be good, we promise. We just want to make sure the guys are okay,” James said quietly.

“Mama G and Mama K are waiting in the cafeteria too. I promise I’ll call as soon as we know anything,” Antonio said.

“Come on you two,” John said, ushering them out the door.

“They’re just scared,” Joanna said softly.

“I know, we need to figure out what we’re going to do about tonight. They will not be happy if we send them home,” Antonio said, sitting next to her.

“No they won’t. Maybe they could stay in the waiting room with one of us tonight,” Jo suggested.

“Do you really think they’ll stay there?” Antonio asked.

“No…but it’s better than having them climbing out the window, walking across town, and sneaking in here anyway.”

“That is very true,” Antonio laughed.

Two interns pushed Logan’s gurney back into the room, the doctor right behind them. Joanna jumped up, “How is he?”

Dr. Barnes put an x-ray up on the viewer box. “His shoulder is dislocated, but there are no fractures in the surrounding bones. His wrist has a hairline fracture so we’re going to put on a removable splint. He also has some bruised ribs and gravel in his hands so we’ll clean those up while he’s sedated.”

“What about Carlos?” Logan asked.

“He’s getting some x-rays too,” Antonio told him.

“Did he wake up?”

“The doctor said it’s shock and he should be waking up anytime now,” Antonio said.

“What is it’s not, what if it’s something bad!?” Logan asked, his voice starting to rise.

“Logan you need to stay calm,” Dr. Barnes said.

“IT’S MY FAULT! WHAT IF HE DIES!?” Logan yelled as he started to cry.

Dr. Barnes looked over at Joanna. “Have you signed the release forms?”

“Yes,” she said stroking Logan’s hair, trying to soothe him.

He nodded and went over to a cabinet and unlocked it. He took out a vial and then grabbed a syringe from the drawer. He pulled up the amount he needed and then injected into the port on Logan’s catheter. “It’s going to be alright. We’re going to get you fixed up and I’ll make sure that you and your friend share a room.”

“Mom…” Logan started.

“Shhh, baby everything’s going to be okay,” she said softly. Logan’s eyes closed and she leaned down and kissed his forehead.

“This won’t take too long. We’ll get his shoulder back into place and the nurse will come and get you so you can be with him as he wakes up in recovery,” Dr. Barnes said.

“Thank you,” Joanna said.

“You’re welcome,” he smiled. He nodded to the nurses who started rolling the gurney out.

“He’ll be okay,” Antonio said, putting his arm around her shoulders.

“I know,” she smiled.

“Do you want me to wait in here with you?” Antonio asked.

“No, in fact, I’ll come sit with you. I’ll let the nurse know,” she smiled.

“Okay,” he smiled as he headed back for Carlos’ room.

Logan felt like he was floating, but the pain was gone. He felt strangely detached from everything and when he opened his eyes smiled at the doctor. He looked at all the instruments and equipment in fascination. “This is so cool!” he giggled.

“I think the sedation is wearing off,” the nurse smiled.

“Did you know I wanna be doctor!?” Logan asked, grinning. The nurse grabbed his left hand as he tried reaching out for the instrument tray. “It’s so shiny!” he squealed, trying to figure out how to touch the tray.

Dr. Barnes shook his head, trying not to laugh at the awestruck boy. “Let’s get the brace on and get him into recovery.”

A few minutes later they had a shoulder brace on him, as well as a removable splint on his forearm. The nurses wheeled him into recovery and one ran to get Joanna.

Joanna was telling Antonio that Alex was flying up for the weekend, when Dr. Matthew came in.

“How is he?” Antonio asked.

Dr. Matthews smiled. “He started waking up while we were cleaning him up his hands, so I had to give him a little ‘happy gas’ to keep him quiet. Initial exam of the MRI shows no breaks in the spinal column, and surprisingly, no concussion. The radiologist will go over it more thoroughly, but I think Carlos is going to be just fine. We cleaned up his hands and arms, he has four stitches in his right wrist where a large piece of gravel was embedded. He does have four bruised ribs on his right side, so we wrapped them and he’s going to need to stay quiet for a couple of weeks.”

“That should be fun,” Antonio said.

“He’s probably not going to feel like doing much anyway,” she said.

“Yeah…you don’t know my boy,” he laughed.

“I’ve seen his records,” she smiled. “He’s already waking up from the gas sedation, so they’re taking him to his room. I understand he’ll be sharing with his friend?”

“Yes,” Joanna smiled.

“Alright, I’ll have the nurse take you up as soon as they get Carlos settled in,” Dr. Matthews said.

“Thank you so much,” Antonio said, smiling in relief.

“You’re every welcome. Tell him to keep wearing that helmet, it probably saved him from a much more severe injury,” she said.

“He pretty much wears it everywhere now,” Antonio laughed.

“That’s probably a good thing at his age. The nurse should be in to get you any minute now. “

“Thank you again,” Antonio said, shaking her hand.

“You’re welcome, I’ll be up to check on him in a little while,” Dr. Matthews said as she left.

“You should call Sylvia,” Joanna said.

Antonio nodded and pulled out his cell. “Is he alright?” Sylvia answered.

“Yes honey, the doctor just just left. Carlos is okay, no broken bones, no concussion. She said he started waking up while they were patching up his hands so she gave him a little gas. He’s already waking up and they’re taking him to his room,” Antonio told her.

“I’ll be right there,” she said hanging up.

“Well?” Jen asked.

“He woke up and they’re taking him to a room. I’ll call and let you know the room number once we get there,” she said.

Jen hugged her.” I told you he’d be okay.”

“I know,” she smiled.

“Can we see him?” Kendall asked.

“You two aren’t going anywhere,” John said, giving a small tug on the handcuffs.

“I’ll give John a call once Carlos gets settled in and then you can go and say goodnight,” Sylvia said, trying not to laugh at the looks the two boys were giving John.

“We’ll be waiting,” John smirked.

Kendall looked over at James and they both smiled.

“Don’t forget to call for back-up if you need it,” Sylvia laughed as she headed for the door.

“VERY FUNNY!” he called after her.

“I’m going to go sit with Jo, do you think you can handle them?” Jen asked John.

“I think I’ve got it handled,” he said.

She noted the looks on the boys faces and shook her head. “Be nice,” she ordered, kissing Kendall on the top of the head.

“Mom…” he whined.

James laughed at the look on his face. “You too,” she said kissing the top of his head.


“They’ll be good,” John promised.

“Sure they will,” she smiled as she headed for the door.

Carlos heard Sylvia softly singing to him and yawned. He opened his eyes and smiled, “Hi Mami.”

“Hello Mijo,” she smiled, tears in her eyes.

“What’s wrong?” he asked.

“Nothing now,” she said, kissing his cheek.

“Where am I?” he asked, realizing he wasn’t at home.

“You and Logan had a little accident with the wagon,” Antonio said.

“Is Logan okay?”

“Yes Mijo, they’ll be bringing him here as soon as the doctor is finished putting a splint on his arm,” Antonio told him.

“He broke his arm again?” Carlos asked.

“Yes but he’s alright,” Sylvia said.

“Good,” Carlos smiled in relief. He shifted his shoulder a little, “OW!”

“What is it?” Sylvia asked.

“My side hurts!”

“You bruised some ribs so you need to stay still,” Antonio said.

Carlos nodded and took a couple of deep breaths. He settled back as the pain dissipated and noticed his bandaged hands. “We must have hit the ground hard.”

“Yes you did and you are NEVER to do that again,” Sylvia said firmly.

“We didn’t mean to crash,” Carlos pouted.

“We know you didn’t and we’ll worry about this later,” Antonio said gently.

“Okay, I’m sorry,” Carlos said.

“It’s alright Mijo, we’re just worried,” Sylvia said, kissing his cheek.

“I know,” he said. He realized something felt off and tried to figure out what was wrong. After a moment he looked up at Antonio. “P-Papi?”

“Yes Mijo.” Antonio said sitting on the other side of him.

“Did I break my legs?”

“No, why would you think that? Do they hurt?” Antonio asked.

Carlos shook his head and his eyes teared up. “Papi, I-I can’t move my legs.”


One thought on “Waggony ~ Chapter 4”

  1. Oh my goodness! Seeing this has made me realise that I completely forgot to review this on fanfiction when I thought I did! I’m such a bad reader, but I’ll get onto doing that after reviewing here as well. I LOVED this chapter. I think it’s really realistic as to how children would feel and behave in a completely new environment when they’re hurting, especially in a hospital, because really who actually likes hospitals? I really liked the fact that Carlos woke up in this chapter but…oooohhh plot twist! I can only imagine what Logan would feel like once he found out that Carlos can’t feel his legs…he’d be devastated and blame himself completely and not believing anyone else when they said it wasn’t his fault. I CAN SEE ANGST COMING! HEHEHE πŸ˜€ I honestly can’t wait to see what happens, whether Carlos is actually paralysed or something (ahhh) or whether it’s something else that might go away. Either would make Logan very upset and the twisted person I am loves seeing Logie cry πŸ˜› Great work with this one and I can’t wait for the next chapter! <333 xxx

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